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My iPad2 Has Tiger Blood

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Charlie Sheen’s Cooking Show with His Winning Round Recipes

Charlie Kinda cooksCharlie Sheen's new cooking show

Why is Charlie Sheen wearing a tigered up chef’s hat? According to this warlock, his plan is to be the first person to “have made an appearance on every television network.” And that means going up against the Food Network and RoundTV are part of his mission.

Charlie Chooses Round Foods

Charlie Sheen's new cooking show;Charlie may not know it, but he cooks with Round foods, such as a tomato he claims to have grown himself and “waters with the tears of a jaguar.” He then makes a tomato salad without changing the shape of this healthy Round fruit. Kudos to Charlie for winning in the Round world without even knowing it — must be his warlock powers!

You’ll hear the chain-smoking, lettuce shredding Sheen spout his usual Charlie Sheen's new cooking show; Winning Recipescatch phrases, including new ones like, “cauldron of awesomeness.” This entertaining video reminds this human why Charlie is such an addictive personality — addictive to watch. As a mere mortal, I cannot help but love a guy who says, “I don’t cook food, I will it.”

Watch Charlie Sheen's Cooking Show and His Winning RecipesWatch Charlie Sheen’s Cooking Show and His Winning Recipes. Even though Charlie’s antics are addictive, let’s hope the joke is on us, and not on Charlie. Let’s will him to WIN!