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Message To Steve Jobs

Diana, The Round Lady, during cancer treatment at Stanford in 1996

Dear Steve,

Almost 14 years ago I was in your shoes at Stanford hospital. I was in the last stage of the last stage of Hodgkins disease. I had the worst case my doctor had seen in 50 years of practice.

I survived and I know you can to. Please do not listen to negative people! There is no time for that. You have a job to do and that is to save your life.

Diana at Stanford Hospital

Celebrating my last day of treatment in 1997 at Stanford Hospital where I also roller-skated in and out!

I have always told myself that I would give away how I survived through visualizations, a fighting spirit and a positive attitude. I will be doing just that with an ebook and videos, and since I do not have either ready yet I would be honored to send you the PDF of the ebook.

I want you to know that my survival amazed my doctors and everyone around me, some of who may be helping you now. Visualizations cannot cause any harm and I know that with your advanced imagination you will be able to fly with it. If this is you, Steve, or someone close to you reading this, please contact roundlady@gmail.com and I will  send you the PDF and help you in any way I can!

Here’s two links that illustrate a little more about my healing journey and methods:

This is me today, happy and healthy as I inspire the world to take care of their bodies. And if you are not Steve Jobs, please think positive healing thoughts for him. He changed our world, so let’s inspire him quietly to heal so he can live a very very long life!