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New Round Apple Campus

New Apple CampusA Round FUTURE

From the mind of Steve Jobs comes a circular campus fit for the future, with the construction set to start in 2012 and ready to buzz with workers by 2015.

This spaceship-like sphere of a building is slated to house up to 12,000 Apple worker bees—over 4 times the number now occupying Apple’s current campus at 1 Infinite Loop. The new circular campus will combine the company’s other 6,700 workers, who are currently spread out in Cupertino, together with the rest of the fruity company.

Sprinkled throughout the current Apple campuses are baskets of free Macintosh apples, also known for keeping doctors away.  Another healthy perk Apple workers enjoy is eating at the variety-filled, multi-cuisined Cafe Mac.

Steve Jobs Curvy Words

“There’s not a single straight piece of glass in this building,” Jobs says. Parking will be housed underground so as not to detract from the new campus’s futuristic design. The building will also sport a natural gas-powered energy center as its main power source (though it can still feed off of the grid as a backup).”

Let’s all hope Jobs is eating his own apples so he can stay healthy while he changes the world in his own Round way!