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Arsenic, Lace and Rice — Oh My!

Eat Rice, Roll the Dice on your health

Dirty rice has taken on new meaning! This beloved staple is now on the dirty food list . Experts are now telling us that rice now has more than our daily recommended intake of this lovely substance and that we should limit how much we eat of this newly-noted-to-be-poisonous carbohydrate.  Turns out that excess inorganic arsenic is lacing over 60 foodstuffs sold — even baby cereal.

Why The Alarm?

First, rice is one of the most eaten foods on this planet, from the impoverished to the mega-rich. Second, excess arsenic is know to cause all kinds of cancer. Third, trusting what we eat is further damaged inciting many of us wonder what else are we eating that is laden with poison.

What can you do?

You can be sure that U.S. Food and Drug Administration will be on this like rice on flypaper.  Meanwhile, here’s a few tips to stop this arsenic madness from entering your body. (Listed in order of importance, and leaning on the side of safety)

  1. Stop eating rice!
  2. Stop your kids from eating rice!
  3. Replace rice dishes with grains (wheat, oats, quinoa or millet).
  4. If you must eat rice, rinse it prior to cooking, and for 1 cup of rice use 6 cups of water to cook it in. Then drain the extra water once fully cooked.
  5. Replace rice-containing hot and cold cereals with wheat or oat cereals.
  6. Avoid rice drinks, especially for growing youngsters.
  7. Avoid rice crackers and rice cakes.

Stay tuned for other health tips to help keep your body in good health!