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Before Dieting, Ask Yourself…

Why Oprah overeatsWhy am i overweight?

Everybody has there own answer and no answer is better than another. Know that the answer goes beyond your love of any particular food, such as French fries or ice-cream. Instead, dig deep, write it down,  and investigate what it is about your life that feels unsatisfying, such as a relationship, job, or any unfulfilled aspect of your life. Those answers will lead to why you are masking feelings with food.

Why Oprah wants to lose weightWhy do I want to lose weight?

There are many reasons you may want to lose weight, but it’s the long-term ones that will lead to success. Figure out if you want to just fit into a slinky dress for an upcoming event, or if you want to be fit for life because you care about the health of your body and want to enjoy life to the fullest. If you just want a temporary cuter butt, well that is what you will get. Instead, imagine what you want for the big picture of your life. Otherwise, like a yo-yo or bouncy ball, you will forever be in an unsettling cycle of up and down fitness and fatness, rather than being able to enjoy a stable everyday life of health and happiness.

Why Oprah cannot maintain a healthy weightWhy can’t I maintain a healthy weight?

Unveil any sabotaging tricks you might be playing upon yourself that keep you from maintaining a fit body. Likely there are triggers that quietly send you down an overeating path, and if you don’t identify them prior to starting a healthy diet plan, well, you may never fully enjoy endless days of looking and  feeling slim and fit.

Don’t Be Scared, Be diet  Prepared!

Prepare yourself for diet success by finding your own personal answers, and then plaster them in your mind like syrup on pancakes! Post them on your bathroom mirror, tell your family and friends, and feel the freedom from within that comes with accepting your dieting foibles. Allow yourself to be the healthy person who fits easily into your dream-size jeans–and hold onto those thoughts—everyday–as if your life depends upon it–which it does.

Once you are prepared with your answers, start eating healthy and getting the exercise your body deserves! Your every cell will love you for it!

Round Lady’s Trends & Predictions for 2011

A Year of Uncharted and Morphing Times

The need for having the most, biggest, and best will be a thing of the past. Greed will be out, and generosity will be in. This will last throughout the year, and if people can remember this new perspective on life, there is a chance a new era will emerge where people around the world will work together to make the entire Earth a better place.

Anyone with an internet connection and a camera can host a live event. During 2010, we tasted the thrill of live events the likes of the Chilean miner rescue, lunar solstice eclipse, the unfolding of natural disasters, and Snoop Dog performances. This is just the beginning of the emergence of a new creativity and power that is growing out of diapers toward potty training. Expect live events to morph as people, companies, social medias, and even digital loonies jump on the live bandwagon. Expect growing pains over the next few years with multiple malfunctions, where we will need to be like the parents of a teenager who relies on patience —  waiting for the collective brain of live events to become fully formed so they can make smart decisions.

Cloouds will be hot!Being in the cloud means being everywhere, all the time without the baggage or expense of travel or ownership. This is a new landscape, the wide open west, the new real-estate of the future. Look forward to a new cloud culture, where individuals choose their world of apps, online streaming anything, so they can build their new digital life above the graveyard of foreclosed homes and empty storefronts. Clouds will make everything faster and cheaper, allowing us to produce and multi-task in new ways, places, and speeds. Life in the clouds will no longer be for those who daydream, but rather a ginormous, open, first-come-first-serve market for anyone ready and able to set up shop. You’ll see a new CloudPad, led by Google and Apple in a race to make the first cloud compatible tablet, and that is also likely to become a rumor.

OPRAH OWNS“OWN IT,” will be Oprah’s new buzz words. And she does OWN it. The new Oprah Winfrey Network is here, and it is jam-packed with brilliant video and radio shows that will change how and where we view and listen to television and the radio. Oprah sightings will be on the rise, as she treks across the country with her new ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ show. There will be more surprises from Oprah with the likelihood of her jumping on a Fitness Trampoline with the Round Lady being higher than in 2010.

President Obama will make a comeback, one that many naysayers mistake for rubbish. What they are not considering is that nature works in a cycle that balances the up with the down, as sure as hours on a clock. Obama will be attached to a global upswing around the tail end of 2011. By the time the next election fills the news, Obama will be applauded for standing tall at the helm during our makeover. During the next campaign, the world can be sure that the Obama machine will reach out to people in hand-held ways that have never been available before.

With our recent global financial and fairy tale life meltdown, the world will continue to undergo a full body makeover. Anyone steadfastly glued in a rut or in their ways will get run over lest they adapt like a savvy animal tossed into a unfamiliar habitat. It will be sink or swim, with swimming requiring the ability to be flexible enough to float any which way with the times. This is a turning point for the human race; a time when being ready to turn on a dime and embrace the mystery of our world as it unfolds can save a person or online entitiy from being left behind like an injured gazelle unable to run faster than a puma.

The world recently bonded with the global economic crash that afflicted most everyone who did not work for Apple or Google. We felt each others’ pain, even while we went through our own. We learned that we are not invincible and may not live a golden forever as our greedy lives previously implied. We held hands while gas prices, terrorism, global warming and severe weather slapped us without warning. Like a cancer patient, the human race had its existence put into perspective with people feeling a lack of control as their personal world crumbled around them in a sea of betrayal. Now, as the light at the end of the tunnel shines on us, it feels like a second chance to make a difference, work together, and be better humans in the world, for the Earth and the people in it around the globe.

Everything from your phone to your fridge to your television to your car to your laptop to some yet to be invented device, will become smarter. Devices are likely to get married, creating even smarter devices, such as a combination of an iPhone and an iPad that fit undetected in a new wave of digital fashion linked to a Google-like Chrome browser-less cloud personalized for the garment wearer. This fantasy cloud world will be all the buzz this year, sparking the digital giants and newcomers to create devices that can be mixed and matched with each other in every part of our lives — setting the stage for what’s to come.

Being mobile with smart technology in a new category of mobile devices like kitchen tools linked to the internet has the possibility to turn couch potatoes and video gamers into active human beings. With tablets and smart phones enhancing the mobility of the usual sedentary folk, they just might physically get out in the world. Anyone who lives a more modest post-recession life, in a smaller house, without a job, with fewer or no objects to compare to the Jones, will appreciate being connected in a more nomadic world where less is more and where engaging with real people, family and friends is more important than being attached to so many acquired, tethering things. Being independent and on the go will rule the future. Those who are not equipped to be mobile at a moments notice will lag behind. Being prepared for mobility is key to unifying our planet, and a must for survival during these uncharted morphing times where less is more and even less is better!

Anyone with the Novelty gene (loves the newness of things), will be happy to know that newness will crop up everywhere. The cloud will replace the browser. Celebrity chefs will be the new megastars, and new stars will emerge out of the video craze currently cultivating. Skyping and other forms of video chatting on hand-held devices will be the norm, with the side effect of making this world a more visual and closer feeling place. Unplanned and planned global events of all kinds will go live, and likely replace or morph reality television into a real happenings sort of new form. With so many everyday ways of documenting the world and those around you, some people are going to feel that there are getting to be fewer places to hide. We are all public now, and that will be one of the newest feelings of the year!

Be Happy All Year and Visit Roundorama Often!