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WIN! Free Milk & Oreo Cookies!

A Winner chosen Every Hour

Through the month of June, 2011, Nabisco will choose a winner every hour–all month!

Oreos are Round!

It’s true that Oreos, like most cookies, are Round but do not grow on trees that way, which means you can eat them once in a while. Should you eat one, know that it’s not necessary to feel guilty. Just remember that it’s what you eat most of the time, not some of the time, that matters most.

Enter the free Oreo cookie contest: http://milkandoreo.com/

Winner of the Healthiest Breakfast

Simple to Make and Tasty To Eat

A new study discovered that the healthiest breakfast is a simple bowl of cereal with milk.

By starting your day with cereal and milk, you will be less likely to stuff your face with fatty, sugary food during the course of the day. Plus, cereal nutrients your body with calcium and a variety of other key nutrients, such as fiber and protein.

Feed yourself and your loved ones a whole grain cereal with milk, and for an even more nutritious, delicious, energy-boosting breakfast, add berries or a sliced banana to the mix. Of course, the choice is always yours!