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African Mango Diet

African mango dietScam or real

People are asking if the new exotic African Mango Diet is a scam or real. And yes, it’s true that mangoes are a super healthy Round fruit, and that is flattering—but remember all the hoopla about acai berries and green tea extract–promising, on their own, to strip fat off your body at inhuman rates. Did those work? Duh–no! Did they empty your wallet–duh-yes!

There are many sites devoted to the African Mango Diet, but do not fall in the trap. There is no scientific backing, you will not lose weight but you will be a guinea pig who helps add to the bank account by taking money out of yours. If you visit a site that sells  African Mango Diet pills, do not click away as fast as you can.

Mangoes are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and are known to fight many cancers. They are sweet, delicious and able to turn a drink or fruity dessert into a tropical masterpiece. So, eat mangoes, from any part of the planet, for flavor and overall healthiness.

Magical Trap

It’s so easy to fall for the magic pill, fruit or extract that show before and after photos able to fit into jeans 50% tinier. Enticing you further, these scams often scoff at the need for willpower, exercise or change in unhealthy eating habits. It’s easy to want to be able to pill or two, drink a concoction and poof–your fat butt is now the size of two apples. That will work–not!

Snake Oil for sale

These diet snake oil salespeople continue to prey upon those who want to be swimsuit ready–NOW. This endless story goes on and on no matter how many people are sucked down the fairy tale diet path still wearing fat pants at the end of the road.

The Truth Diet

There are only two ways to lose weight for the long haul. Nothing’s changed. It’s simple math. Add consistent exercise to healthy eating and you will get a factor of leanness. In other words, sweating more plus eating less equals lower numbers on the scale.

Add it up yourself.  Accept the truth. Then move your body more than you move your mouth. And that folks is as true as any magic pill gets!

Healthy Round Diet Fruity Lunch

Pomegranates, Pineapple & Mango, Oh My

The heart of this lunch is a fresh fruit salad that’s as delicious to eat as it is fun to make.

In The Hills

Don’t be surprised if you learn new cutting skills, and meet some new people and critters in this fruity Round lunch in the hills.

Watch The Video

HEALTHY DESSERT: How to Cut a Mango

New on RoundTV

Mango lovers not yet versed in cutting this orange fruit in an easy fashion will enjoy this short video. Diana shows you how to combine two complementary fruits to make a colorfully healthy and delicious dessert that even a monkey could prepare…well almost.

What’s coming next?

Due to many-a-request, soon to be added to RoundTV will be a montage of photos of Diana as a bodybuilder. So heads up on that one.

Watch HEALTHY DESSERT: How to Cut a Mango