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Google Doodle Screams Ice Cream Sundae

Google Doodle Ice Cream SundaeYummeeeeeeee!

Even Google is saying Happy 119th anniversary to the world-famous dessert known as the ice cream sundae, invented in 1892 by New York soda fountain proprietor Chester Platt.

The story goes that one Sunday, Chester took plain ice-cream and covered it in cherry sauce –and named it a Cherry Sunday.

Google making us hungry for their  new os

Jumping on the sundae bandwagon, Google turned its famous two O’s in its logo into a yummy sundae. This instantly sparked rumors that this Google Doodle is a first announcement about their new Ice Cream OS.

For those craving other Google products and something sweet, well, there’s even an Android Ice Cream that will fuse elements of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Android 3.0 and Google TV.

These tasty OS treats just might take a bite out of Apple’s iPad consumption. Let the food device wars begin!