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Chickens and Eggs are Round, but which came first? And how does that question help you eat healthier? Find out on RoundTV’s lastest quick video.

New on RoundTV

New on RoundTV

Eat Healthy Like Me

Watch this video to see what healthy foods I like to bring home from the grocery store. The focus is on health, rather than losing weight. Enjoy!

Is it Round??

Growing Up Eating A Balanced Dinner

A Healthy Dinner Plate

My mom always served a balanced meal–every night! Our family enjoyed a well-balanced dinner our entire growing up years – all six of us. This is now part of me, so natural, yet I realize that this is not the norm for many families today.

Simple, Yet Healthy and Balanced

We always had a protein, like fish, chicken or hamburger meat. My mom knew a thousand different ways to serve them. We always had a carbohydrate, like potatoes, rice or pasta. There was always a vegetable or legumes, everything from green beans to artichokes to Lima beans and on and on. We always had a green salad–often with tomatoes–and on special occasions avocado became part of the mix.

What About Dessert

My mom made everything homemade, including pies and cookies for special occasions. I often got to be the cookie-maker, and focused my skills on chocolate chip cookies, brownies and meringues. We always had ice-cream in the freezer, and if we ate our dinner, we were allowed to top it off with ice-cream.

Everything in Moderation

At the same time, my parents motto was always, “everything in moderation.” And perhaps that is why to this day I can eat almost anything I want, which happens to be the way my mom cooked all my life. And instilled deep within the crevasses of my brain, I keep their motto on the tip of my every eating thought.

Exercise to Burn Off Mayo

Mayo Lovers Be aware

This creamy addition to many culinary concoctions, such as on a sandwich, in a dipping sauce or mixed up in egg or chicken salad, is often overlooked as extra calories.


What to do

Here’s the deal. You can either burn off mayo with exercise or switch to mustard. You can also switch to mustard and still get exercise and be that much farther ahead.

If you still don’t know what to do, imagine eating a tablespoon of mayo every day– 770 mayo-filled calories in a week. If that is your mode of eating, then consider switching to mustard at least half the time and add aerobic exercise to your day.

Exercise Equivalents


Next time you dip into some mayo, picture yourself exercising and ask yourself if it is worth it. Then ask yourself if you will really do the exercise needed to burn it off. If the answer isn’t an immediate and truthful YES, then switch to mustard, 1/4 avocado, olive oil or nothing at all. Know that if you are going to eat calories, you will feel best if you make them nutritious or low calorie ones.

Calories Burned By Jumping on a Rebounder or Fitness Trampoline

Jump 20 minutes in the morning & 20 minutes at night

Rebounding and fitness trampoline is more than just jumping around. It is a fun way to burn body fat, while simultaneously firming your body — right down to every muscle and cell. According to your body weight, the table below shows you how many calories, when running or doing moderate, yet nonstop, jumping and bounding on the rebounder, can be burned for a specified amount of time.

For the Whole Sha-bang!

Mix Round exercises like rebounding or fitness trampolining with eating in a healthy Round way, and you’ll be rewarded with a more or even more toned, slim and sexy body that everyone deserves.

Rebounding vs. Jogging

By jumping on a well-made rebounder, you will feel invigorated and filled with a sense of well-being. This means that you might want to adjust your daily plans as you enjoy how rebounding makes it easier for you to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous.

You will also need to grow accustomed to living in a tighter body, because the action of bouncing up and down against gravity, without trauma to the musculoskeletal system, is one of the most beneficial aerobic, fat-burning, muscle-tightening, immune-enhancing, full body exercises ever developed.

March is National Nutrition Month

Nationals Nutrition MonthColorful & Round

March is a very Round month due to it’s focus on healthy eating. In the Round world, this is a reminder for everyone to add an array of colorful fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low fat dairy, such as plain yogurt, into your daily diet — so you eat  healthy all year and beyond.

Shop Round to eat Round

Next time you go into the produce section of any grocery store, observe the colors and shape of the healthy foods staring back at you. Experiment by only choosing the Roundest foods, meaning they must either grow in a Round shape, be able to be sliced into circles from their natural shape, come from Round animals like an egg or lean turkey, or add flavor to Round dishes such as herbs, spices and healthy vegetable oils.

Now is also the time to keep fried and salty foods off your plate so you don’t end up being one of the 30 percent of people around world having a heart attack caused by a their poor diet. Again, focus on transforming your eating habits to include heart-healthy Round fruits and veggies.

And remember, eating Round is so easy a kindergartner could do it. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to eat Round! You only need to know the difference between a circle and a square.

Learn more about Eating Round by browsing pages right here on Roundorama!

OMG! A Healthy Diet Drink I love!

Delicious Healthy Diet DrinkHealth Up With This Spicy blended drink!

If you love guacamole and salsa, then you will love this drink! If you want something healthy to drink but need to put it in a glass, you must try this drink. If you do not like tomato juice, well, I would not try it at all.

Shop for Good Food, Destroy Bad Food