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Growing Up Eating A Balanced Dinner

A Healthy Dinner Plate

My mom always served a balanced meal–every night! Our family enjoyed a well-balanced dinner our entire growing up years – all six of us. This is now part of me, so natural, yet I realize that this is not the norm for many families today.

Simple, Yet Healthy and Balanced

We always had a protein, like fish, chicken or hamburger meat. My mom knew a thousand different ways to serve them. We always had a carbohydrate, like potatoes, rice or pasta. There was always a vegetable or legumes, everything from green beans to artichokes to Lima beans and on and on. We always had a green salad–often with tomatoes–and on special occasions avocado became part of the mix.

What About Dessert

My mom made everything homemade, including pies and cookies for special occasions. I often got to be the cookie-maker, and focused my skills on chocolate chip cookies, brownies and meringues. We always had ice-cream in the freezer, and if we ate our dinner, we were allowed to top it off with ice-cream.

Everything in Moderation

At the same time, my parents motto was always, “everything in moderation.” And perhaps that is why to this day I can eat almost anything I want, which happens to be the way my mom cooked all my life. And instilled deep within the crevasses of my brain, I keep their motto on the tip of my every eating thought.