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The Call of the Pastry

Good Morning, Please eat me

You drag yourself into work after eating more than planned over the weekend. Monday is a new start and you promise yourself a healthy day of eating.

Moments after arriving you are barraged with mounds unhealthy eats. Muffins, bagels and pastries stare at you innocently. They want you and you want them. But not so fast!

What to Do

  1. Walk on by.
    Caution: Do not stop to smell or gaze lovingly at even one pastry crumb.
  2. Pour yourself a cup of hot tea and sip it slowly.
  3. Take a 10 minute walk around the building or up and down the stairs.
  4. Stop by the bathroom and assess your body.
  5. Remind yourself of your good heating promise.
  6. Return to your desk, avoiding the baked goods.
  7. Wait 20 minutes and pretend you ate a muffin, bagel or pastry.
  8. Know you did not eat even one and feel really good about yourself.
  9. Tell yourself “Good job!”

When Temptation Wins

If the baked goods win your Monday morning battle to eat healthy, remember that guilt gets you nowhere. Keep moving forward. Pour yourself another cup of tea. Relax and think of ten good things. Let the guilt go and think ahead and picture eating a healthier lunch.

When temptation seeps into your brain and muscles your good intentions, ask yourself if giving in aligns with how you want to feel at the end of the day. Then do the thing you promised yourself you would do.

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4 Ways to Win Over Willpower

Sometimes willpower does not cut the cake when trying to keep yourself from eating foods that are high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats. Most of the time it helps to have some tricks to call upon!

Here are 4 ways to help keep you on track and away from fat pants:

  1. Remove all high fat-foods from your kitchen and workplace. The idea is to make sure these addictive, unhealthy items are not so easily accessible and stuffed into your mouth.
  2. Make a healthy food shopping list and stick to it. This will keep you from being tempted to buy the array of food-like substances sitting not so innocently on the shelves.
  3. Find ways to lower stress. By doing this you can help eliminate this common trigger of overeating and live a longer and more healthful life.
  4. Stay away from all-you-can-eat buffets and dining eateries that promote endless gluttony. This way you have a fighting chance at avoiding the obvious torture of trying, yet likely failing, to turn away a second, third or forth heaping helping of way too much food.

Healthy Eating & Diet Tips

healthy Eating & Diet TipsNew on RoundTV

If you are ready to purge your kitchen and pantry of some notoriously non-healthy foods, or you want to learn a bit more about shopping for healthy foods, or you want to hear about a hot and hearty breakfast, then try this video on for size.

Diet Rules VideoView Healthy Eating & Diet Tips!

On a Diet? Avoid These!

No 100 Calorie Snacks Packs: These pre-portioned packs may be dangerous to healthy eating people. Researchers from the Netherlands discovered that giving TV-distracted students either two big bags of chips or several smaller ones, caused those with the portion-controlled bags to eat double the chips. It turns out that past research illustrated that people eat less food when they can see what they’ve already consumed. So stick with the real thing, also known as Round food.

No Reduced fat, Fat-free and Sugar-free Snacks: These are not always low calorie treats. When a snack touts being a reduced fat treat, it may only be reduced by a few calories. Plus, it turns out that dieters often think they can have twice as many of something that is reduced. This is one reason to stick with naturally Round foods. There will be no denial; an apple is always an apple.

No Drinking Calories: Sweet drinks like lattés, sugary tea, and adult beverages will add to your caloric intake. Just because they are liquid and no chewing is involved, don’t be fooled into thinking they are void of calories. The Round way to drink healthfully is to drink a lot of water.

No Mondo Snacks: Although you want to eat 2 to 3 small snacks every day, you don’t want to eat too big of snacks. This also means eating small meals to balance your snacks. A meal and a snack should be 2 different sizes! A meal should be about 3 times that of a snack. Spread these out so that they are 2 hours apart, and as a Round rule, avoid energy bars and other candy-like snacks.

No Fatty Proteins: Fatty meats and fish are not as healthy as their leaner relatives. A Round way to eat is to also eat less meat, more tofu from the Round soy bean, eggs (more whites than yolks), beans and fish. A good Round way to eat proteins is to eat a variety, smaller portions, and stick with the leanest version possible to avoid twice the calories.

No Fat-reduced Salad Dressing: Forget about fat-free and reduced fat salad dressing! The fat they omitted just gets replaced with sugar. It is sugar, fat and salt that people get addicted to, so don’t fall prey to manufacturer’s seductive ways. Try my salad dressing on RoundTV. It is delicious, easy to make, everybody loves it and it has a balanced mix of healthy fat, citrus and flavor!

No Baked Chips: Duh! These are lower on the fat scale, but there is little nutrition in them. They’re lower in fat. Instead, try popcorn from the Round Corn kernel. Add a little salt and crunch away! The healthiest is oil-free microwave popcorn, airpopped , popped in olive or canola oil. Plus, this Round food is full of fiber!

DIET RULES: Latest RoundTV Video

Diet RulesGet Fit & Stay Fit!

In this video, Diana shares some diet rules to live by. These are just a few of the more simple ones that will make a humongous difference in your goal to lose pounds — and yes, get a smaller butt!

Summary of Rules

Diet Rules VideoLearn more about these rules by watching the new DIET RULES video.

  1. No Fat Pants
  2. Use Goal jeans
  3. No Fast or Fried Foods
  4. Avoid Fat, Sugar & Salt
  5. Don’t Eat White Food
  6. Take 20 Minutes To Eat
  7. No Starving Yourself
  8. No Mystery Foods
  9. No Diet Pills or Suppressants
  10. No late Night Snacks
  11. Don’t Listen to Negative Voices
  12. Don’t Buy Non-Diet Food
  13. Don’t Eat More Than You Can Lift