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All the Chips You Want, Don’t Gain a Pound

Another way to get your salty fake food fix

Have you ever dreamed of having all the chips you could possible eat, and get none of the salty, chemical-filled, greasiness? Then you’ll want to watch this video to find out exactly how you can do just that!

Lose Weight By Losing Liquid Calories

A Wet Calorie is Still a Calorie

Just because a calorie is in the form of a beverage does not make it less caloric. In fact, the opposite can be true. Liquid calories disguised as fancy coffee drinks, sodas, and alcoholic beverages can pack on the pounds as easily as a birthday cake slapped on your thighs.

A 20-ounce soda is 250 empty calories, a 12-ounce mocha coffee drink adds up to around 300, the average cocktail has 300 or more, and a glass of wine or beer packs on an extra 150. If you drink several of these drinks, you can kiss any dieting efforts goodbye. Even one soda a day over time can sabotage your goal to be slim. By drinking a soda every day for a year, you could put on more than 15 pounds!

Some of the most caloric drinks are smoothies, specialty coffee drinks and alcoholic beverages. A large banana in a smoothie has about 120 calories. Some specialty coffee drinks can have up to 800 calories. A six-pack of beer can have up to 900 calories.

What to Drink

Turn to water, iced tea, and coffee as your beverages of choice. Each has zero calories, and if you enjoy milk in your coffee, switch to low-fat or nonfat milk. Water can actually make you feel full faster and lead to you eating less. By swapping soda for water you will be sure to lose weight.

How Much Water to Drink

One basic way to figure out how much water you need is to take your body weight in pounds and divide that number in half. That gives you the number of ounces of water per day that you should drink. In other words, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink at least 80 ounces of water per day. If you exercise, you will need to add one more eight ounce glass of water for every 20 minutes you workout.

If you drink any alcohol, make sure you also drink the same amount of water or more. And do the same thing the morning after!

Food Thoughts Help You Eat Less

Think FOOD, Eat less

Some of our smartest scientists at Carnegie Mellon University discovered that continuous thinking about eating a particular food, such as candy or cheese, resulted in the study dieters to eat less of those foods they craved when it was offered to them.

This goes along with the already well-known idea that thinking about a food can make your mouth water. These savvy researchers extended this idea to find that you can also think your way into being satisfied without actually eating the food.

The study used M&Ms and cheese cubes and learned that imagining eating a lot of a food caused the mind to subconsciously restrict how much of that food the dieters actually later ate.

In a nutshell, the study conclusion found that people who imagined eating more food ate less of that same food when it was set before them later on.

Diet Affirmations

New on RoundTV!

See how affirmations can help you become whatever you want, like a bodybuilder, a cancer survivor, or a person with a smaller butt and looser jeans.

Diet Rules VideoWatch: Diet Affirmations!

DIET RULES: Latest RoundTV Video

Diet RulesGet Fit & Stay Fit!

In this video, Diana shares some diet rules to live by. These are just a few of the more simple ones that will make a humongous difference in your goal to lose pounds — and yes, get a smaller butt!

Summary of Rules

Diet Rules VideoLearn more about these rules by watching the new DIET RULES video.

  1. No Fat Pants
  2. Use Goal jeans
  3. No Fast or Fried Foods
  4. Avoid Fat, Sugar & Salt
  5. Don’t Eat White Food
  6. Take 20 Minutes To Eat
  7. No Starving Yourself
  8. No Mystery Foods
  9. No Diet Pills or Suppressants
  10. No late Night Snacks
  11. Don’t Listen to Negative Voices
  12. Don’t Buy Non-Diet Food
  13. Don’t Eat More Than You Can Lift

Low Carb or Low Fat, that is the Question

Which diet works best to take off pounds?

According to a recent government study, either one, low carb or low fat, works if you stick to it.

These scientists also concluded that over the long haul, a low-carb diet might be better for your heart. Both diets improved cholesterol, but those on the low-carbohydrate diet got a bigger boost in good cholesterol — nearly twice as much as those on low-fat.

At the end of two years, average weight loss was the same for both — about 15 pounds or 7 percent. Half followed a low-carb diet modeled after the Atkins’ plan and half went on a low-calorie, low-fat diet. All attended group sessions to help them change bad eating habits, get more active and stick to their diets.

Why the low-carb diet had a bigger effect on good cholesterol remains a mystery.

DIET & EXERCISE TRICK: Lunch & Lunchtime

New on RoundTV!

With Springtime in the air, this video shows you more ideas on lunch and snack foods you can take to work or school or wherever you spend your day, along with squeezing in exercise with friends or by yourself.

Skate for Lunch Bunch

Find out about starting your own Skate for Lunch Bunch (or walk or run for lunch bunch) at work or school, and create a more active lifestyle that will in turn make you look and feel healthier. In the words of Martha Stewart, “That’s a good thing!”

View DIET & EXERCISE TRICK: Lunch & Lunchtime now!

DIET & EXERCISE TRICK: Snack, iPhone & Water

New on RoundTV

The series continues with a diet trick for when you take a trip like I did on my birthday, and an exercise trick that focuses on getting support from a buddy. You will learn that a phone, like an iPhone, is more than just a phone. Okay, there is no other phone like an iPhone, and that just might be the subject of another video.

No matter how old you are, drinking too much water on a trip where there is not a pit-stop in sight can be an uncomfortable decision. When drinking all that healthy water, know your laboratory options, or learn the way I did — along a long and winding road — on the way back from my birthday weekend.

View DIET & EXERCISE TRICK: Snack, iPhone & Water now.

Swordfish Sliders for Two and a Half

New on RoundTV

As promised, the recipes are below for the Swordfish Sliders and takes you through a journey through the prepare ahead of time portion, the BBQing, the tasting and the other ‘half’. Enjoy watching and know that Diana hopes that you subscribe and make a comment!

See the Swordfish Sliders for Two and a Half video now.

Swordfish Sliders

1 fillet Swordfish
Light olive oil
Salt and pepper
Pesto sauce 9 (fresh store bought)
Blackening spices (Find at any grocery store)
1 mango
2 poblano peppers
1 orange pepper
1 red onion
1 lime
Tiny rolls


Heat up the grill to high. Cut the swordfish into squares the size of the tiny buns. Lightly brush each piece with olive oil. Pour blackening spices onto a plate and dredge all surfaces of the swordfish until completely covered. You can leave some plain if you do not want all of them to be blackened. Turn the heat down to medium high of a gas grill or wait for the heat to subside for a charcoal grill. Cook each side 3 to 4 minutes. Remember fish keeps cooking after you take it off the grill, so shoot more for 3 minutes per side.

Lightly brush the trimmed asparagus with olive oil and toss on the BBQ. Cook for 3 to 6 minutes,, turning them over so they are roasty toasty.

Mango Salsa Instructions

Chop the mango, poblano peppers, orange pepper, red onion, and cilantro into tiny squares (size of a pea). Mix in a bowl with the juice of 1/2 a lime. make this ahead of time and chill in the refrigerator.

Salad Topping

For the salad topping, follow the recipe here.