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Surviving Cancer with Diana

Back in 1996, when I was diagnosed with the worst case of Hodgkins disease my doctor had seen in his 50 years of practice, I blogged about my cancer adventure — years before blogs existed. I told the good, the bad, and the ugly as I visualized my way back to health.

Blortland’s World of Health remains online, untouched, although I had intentions of updating it. But life took over, cancer became a movie I once saw, but not really. It remains on my mind, and that is why I’m back to help those going through cancer now.

The mind is a powerful thing! I had ten tumors the size of grapefruits, and according to my doctor, any one of them could have killed me. Topping it off, I also had complete bone marrow involvement, and I stopped making blood cells. He thought my first round of chemo might kill me.

I had to survive!

And survive I did! Looking at me now it’s hard to believe I was ever sick and many might say I’m the healthiest person they know.
As a survivor, I see myself standing on top of a mountain with my arms to the sky feeling powerful and free with the wind in my hair! I saw myself this way during treatment, and that feeling never goes away.
My calling is to share how I survived with others stepping into my cancer shoes. So pull up your socks, and follow me on a path to your own survival!