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Basic Rebounding Moves

Begin Bouncing

Learn the three basic rebounding moves Diana does every day. They are perfect for for beginners or advanced bouncers to warm up.

Diana’s Favorite Mini-Trampoline: http://tinyurl.com/czeapka

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New on RoundTV

Diana shows you a magically impossible bouncing routine where she bounces high and changes clothes on a JumpSport mini-trampoline. Rebound enthusiasts can follow along for a strength workout, and by skipping the clothes changing trick, a great workout shall still be had.

Note that this routine requires jumping on a JumpSport due to the necessary bouncability needed to jump high.

Watch CHANGE CLOTHES: While jumping. I hope you SUBSCRIBE, so Diana can reach the subscriber numbers needed to become a partner and do longer workout videos! For instance, imagine 20 minute workouts with tips on what to eat before and after exercising.