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What To Expect in 2011

What to Expect in 2011This is the year Roundorama and RoundTV branch out and reach out!

New Step-by-step healthy Eating Videos

Diana will have a new series that will make you feel as if you have a diet buddy there with you. She will step you through the Round way of eating and exercising for anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain, or just eat healthier in an easier and more fun way.

More Fitness Rebounder Routines

As a Fitness Trampolines jumping enthusiast, Diana will be partnering with other like minded jumpers to show you more exercises you can do on your own trampoline.

Live and Online & in person Q & A

If you have questions for Diana and want to speak with her, but you don’t live in California, you will have a chance to see and chat with her live online. Also keep your eye out for personal appearances outside of California. Stay tuned for details.

Grooving With AliciaNew Events

Expect to see and hear Diana on the radio (such as Grooving with Alicia), in magazines, and at in-person events (local and not so local). You can get all the details as they occur right here or on Twitter, as well as RoundTV.

Guest Speaker

As a speaker on healthy eating and fitness, Diana will be holding speaking engagements to meet her viewers and answer their questions in person. Stay tuned to meet Diana!

If you would like Diana to speak for an event, at your company , a school or other entity, email Diana at roundlady@gmail.com.

Also, expect some surprises and more details on that as 2011 unfolds. And be sure to visit Roundorama often!