Skating with Dave

Second Time Around

Fun story behind this video. years ago I had a longer version where Dave tossed me in the pool after we skated, but the powers at YouTube yanked it. Why? Well, I used a song from their “Audio Swap” library only to find they nixed it and pulled all videos that used anything from the library. And, they did so with our notifying anyone.

Five years later, I notice it’s gone. A few months ago, I ran across my skating footage and decided to try to piece it back together. But some of the clips magically vanished, such as all clips of me in the pool. At the same time I hooked up with JukeDeck in London, who created software that lets people create their own songs. They sent me a slow and a fast one to try out, and I immediately thought I’d use it for my newly formed skating video.

Fast Forward

Turned out the slow one was too slow and the fast one was too fast. But, when I sped up the clips the skating fit the song.

Let me know what you think!

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