Jumping For Fitness

Round Out Your Fitness with Jumping

Not only are rebounders and fitness trampolines Round in shape, they are one of the most fun ways to create healthiness within your body.  And fun is important when it comes to choosing an exercise that you will actually adopt and do on a regular basis. If you don’t enjoy an exercise, you will not do it. Not often enough. Just a fact folks!

Jumping for 20 minutes is like running for an hour, but without the stress on your joints, the extra effort of dressing in outdoor clothes, or having to drive anywhere to get your workout.

What’s so healthy about jumping?

Jumping will tone your body inside and out. Your internal organs, lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, along with every muscle and bone in your body will become more fit. Until science figures out how to transport our brains into a new body, following a regular jumping routine will keep the body you now own in tip top shape.

What to Expect

After jumping consistently over at least a 2-week period, you are likely to find that you can work longer, sleep more soundly, and be more relaxed and calm. Your body will be tighter, your jeans looser, and you might find yourself Instagramming a shot of your fit butt on Facebook. This is where you will need to possess some self-control, or not.

When you step off the mat after jumping for at least 15 minutes, you will feel energy running through your body, you’ll be unstoppable as you take on the day, and that feeling will last for hours. For that reason, jumping in the morning is ideal so your day starts with a healthy bang.

Jumping is easy

The hardest part of jumping is making the decision to get a trampoline. Once you get your new little Round friend into your house, the possibilities are endless. just make sure you get a trampoline with bungee-like cords! No metal springs or you might as well be jogging on cement!

The Round lady’s favorite is the JumpSport!

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