Best and Worst Coffee Drinks to Avoid Fat Pants

FrappuchinoEver wonder if that creamy Starbucks Frappuccino or any other coffee concoction might be stretching out your fat cells?

Wonder no longer!

Fancy creamy coffee drinks are usually made with whole milk and sugary-sweetened shots. And when you give a thumbs up to a topping of whipped cream, you can expect to swallow a heap of calories equal to a slice of chocolate cake–adding between 250 to 700 or more fat-filled calories to your daily dietary intake. In other words, by making this a habit, you’ll be layering new inches to your ever-expanding, shape-shifting body.

Coffee Beans are Oval Round!

To Drink up or to Drink Down

This chart shows you the most fat-filled, body-fattening coffee drinks, along with the healthiest coffee drink options that are sure to shrink your fat cells, or at the very least keep them from expanding and screaming for larger pants—also known as the dreaded pair of “Fat Pants.”

Starbucks Coffee Calorie Chart

plumEat fewer calories and reduce your chances of buying a larger-sized wardrobe by asking for extra nonfat foam so you can enjoy a creamy, fat-free, whipped-cream-like feel on your coffee drink.

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