Before Dieting, Ask Yourself…

Why Oprah overeatsWhy am i overweight?

Everybody has there own answer and no answer is better than another. Know that the answer goes beyond your love of any particular food, such as French fries or ice-cream. Instead, dig deep, write it down,  and investigate what it is about your life that feels unsatisfying, such as a relationship, job, or any unfulfilled aspect of your life. Those answers will lead to why you are masking feelings with food.

Why Oprah wants to lose weightWhy do I want to lose weight?

There are many reasons you may want to lose weight, but it’s the long-term ones that will lead to success. Figure out if you want to just fit into a slinky dress for an upcoming event, or if you want to be fit for life because you care about the health of your body and want to enjoy life to the fullest. If you just want a temporary cuter butt, well that is what you will get. Instead, imagine what you want for the big picture of your life. Otherwise, like a yo-yo or bouncy ball, you will forever be in an unsettling cycle of up and down fitness and fatness, rather than being able to enjoy a stable everyday life of health and happiness.

Why Oprah cannot maintain a healthy weightWhy can’t I maintain a healthy weight?

Unveil any sabotaging tricks you might be playing upon yourself that keep you from maintaining a fit body. Likely there are triggers that quietly send you down an overeating path, and if you don’t identify them prior to starting a healthy diet plan, well, you may never fully enjoy endless days of looking and  feeling slim and fit.

Don’t Be Scared, Be diet  Prepared!

Prepare yourself for diet success by finding your own personal answers, and then plaster them in your mind like syrup on pancakes! Post them on your bathroom mirror, tell your family and friends, and feel the freedom from within that comes with accepting your dieting foibles. Allow yourself to be the healthy person who fits easily into your dream-size jeans–and hold onto those thoughts—everyday–as if your life depends upon it–which it does.

Once you are prepared with your answers, start eating healthy and getting the exercise your body deserves! Your every cell will love you for it!

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