5 Musts-Do’s If You Want Abs

1–Eat less! The truth is–abs happen in the kitchen. The trick is to eat fewer calories. You will then lose body fat, which will reveal the abs you likely already have. So eat smaller portions, and eat as healthy and Round as possible.

2–Do aerobics! This is all to burn fat, to remove it from your abs. Aerobics means any exercise or activity that gets you sweaty, like running, jogging, skating, swimming, and rebounding, jumping–20 to 60 minutes a day–5 or 6 days a week.

3–Eat whole foods! These are natural real foods, rather than processed foods that come in a box or gab. The best way to eat whole foods is to only eat what you prepare. Grocery shop healthfully, and then get in your kitchen–fake foods not allowed!

4–Get a spray tan and a bikini! If you are on a quest for abs, you are likely going to want to show them off–so heads up. A tan will bring out your abs and your muscles in general, all by adding that finishing touch on your fit body. If you do tan it up in a swim suit–take a picture!

5–Stand up straight! Remember to also suck it in. This will lengthen and strengthen your body–especially around your abs. It will give you energy and make you feel in charge of your body. You are likely to feel happier and stronger, so you may need to find something else to complain about in the future.

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