Burn 200 Calories 10 Round Ways

Sweaty Activities

Sweaty aerobic Roundercises help you burn calories. And since it’s always easier to get off your butt and exercise when you know you’re going to burn 200 calories, here’s how long it would take for your basic 130 pound man or woman to burn 200 calories.

But first, consult your doctor before trying any of these activities. Side affects may cause you to feel more energetic, with less fat clinging to the inside of your body or jiggling on the outside. You are likely to live longer, so you may need to plan your retirement accordingly.

Ten Sweaty roundercises

Also Sweaty

Roller-skating, hula hooping, exercising on a fitness ball, dancing, playing any game with a ball like basketball, bowling, or golf, rock climbing, running, gymnastics, Tae Bo, and rolling in the hay.

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