Nuts as a Weight Loss Tool

Don’t be Nuts, Eat Nuts

Nuts, which are considered a Super Round food, are compact power-packed nutrients that should not be overlooked on any healthy weight loss plan.

Sure, nuts are caloric, but new studies show that those who eat nuts regularly tend to have less body fat.

Why Nuts Are Diet Friendly

  • Eating nuts decreases your appetite so that you will eat less during the course of a day.
  • Turns out that our bodies cannot absorb all the fat in nuts, meaning up to 20 percent of the fat in nuts will be pooped out.
  • Some studies show that nuts can increase one’s metabolism by more than 10 percent.

Secret to Eating Nuts on a Diet

The key to adding nuts to your diet is to eat them in place of less nutritious foods, rather than in addition to other food. Instead of munching  on carb-filled snacks between meals, eat a palmful of raw, unsalted nuts.

Number of nuts in a 1o ounce serving:

  • Almonds: 20-24
  • Brazil nuts: 6-8
  • Cashews: 16-18
  • Hazelnuts: 18-20
  • Pecans: 18-20 (halves)
  • Pine Nuts: 150-157
  • Pistachios: 45-47
  • Walnuts: 8-11

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