Scientists Show Soda Link to Strokes

Diet Soda linked to strokes

As I’ve said over and over, for years and years, diet sodas are not good for you and one day scientists will come out with a study that will shed light on the dangers of diet sodas. That day is now here! Sorry soda makers!

Beyond I told your so

The American Stroke Association just released a study showing a link between diet soda and an increased risk of having a stroke or heart attack. The scientists behind this research discovered that people who reported drinking diet soda every day had a 60% higher rate of strokes and heart attacks.

Soda Reality

Researchers consider this study just the beginning of their look into the effects of diet sodas. And since previous studies found that soda drinkers are at greater risk of getting diabetes and weight-related issues, odds are that people will begin to believe that sodas of any color, sweetener and size are not health drinks.

It is time for America to get a clue! It is not that hard! Anyone who cares about their body can do it! Skip the fake, chemical-filled, fake-sweetened sodas, as well as sweetened ones — and do so cold turkey. Your body, friends and family will love you for it, because you will be healthy and fun to be around.

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