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Arsenic, Lace and Rice — Oh My!

Eat Rice, Roll the Dice on your health

Dirty rice has taken on new meaning! This beloved staple is now on the dirty food list . Experts are now telling us that rice now has more than our daily recommended intake of this lovely substance and that we should limit how much we eat of this newly-noted-to-be-poisonous carbohydrate.  Turns out that excess inorganic arsenic is lacing over 60 foodstuffs sold — even baby cereal.

Why The Alarm?

First, rice is one of the most eaten foods on this planet, from the impoverished to the mega-rich. Second, excess arsenic is know to cause all kinds of cancer. Third, trusting what we eat is further damaged inciting many of us wonder what else are we eating that is laden with poison.

What can you do?

You can be sure that U.S. Food and Drug Administration will be on this like rice on flypaper.  Meanwhile, here’s a few tips to stop this arsenic madness from entering your body. (Listed in order of importance, and leaning on the side of safety)

  1. Stop eating rice!
  2. Stop your kids from eating rice!
  3. Replace rice dishes with grains (wheat, oats, quinoa or millet).
  4. If you must eat rice, rinse it prior to cooking, and for 1 cup of rice use 6 cups of water to cook it in. Then drain the extra water once fully cooked.
  5. Replace rice-containing hot and cold cereals with wheat or oat cereals.
  6. Avoid rice drinks, especially for growing youngsters.
  7. Avoid rice crackers and rice cakes.

Stay tuned for other health tips to help keep your body in good health!


ApplesA Glass of Apple Juice a Day Makes This Doc Say Go Away

Recently, Dr. Oz shared results of a new study he conducted in his own labs, making us all aware that a variety of apple juices on the market have more than the desired amount of arsenic. Many a website, blog and news related shows are now on the fear of apple juice bandwagon.

Just Eat It

Roundorama takes a different approach to this news, one more on the bright side. Why? Well, as the Round Lady has touted for eons, also known as many moons, eating the fruit is always better than drinking it.

The Core of Apple’s Arsenic

Worries about arsenic can be tossed out the window by avoiding the seeds! Chomp around the apple core by eating the actual fruit with its healthy fiber and added chewing time. Whole apples are ready to eat and a breeze to pack in a purse, pocket, backpack, briefcase or lunch bag. No container or sippy cup needed—nature designed the apple as a portable, eat with your hands, crunchy chomp on demand snack anyone can enjoy at any age..

Apples Past and Present

Dating back to 6500 B.C., these super healthy fruits sprouted as one of nature’s Roundest treats famous for changing the world. Apple-filled tales feature such historic figures as Adam and Eve, Isaac Newton, Johnny Appleseed and most recently with the revolutionary story that is Steve Jobs (who happened to grow up in apricot orchards, also a Round fruit). Apples are known to keep doctors away, made their way into American history with mom’s apple pie, and continue to be one of the healthiest Round fruits enjoyed by all ages, all over the world.

Apples Make Healthy Sense

Even Dr. Oz would agree that apples are antioxidant-filled, bone-protecting, asthma-reducing, cholesterol-lowering, cancer-thwarting, weight-loss-promoting, Alzheimer-preventing, delicious-tasting, wallet-friendly, ultra-crunchy, low-calorie, tree-grown, variety-filled, Super Round fruits meant to be consumed often.

Triple Double Stuffed Oreo Is Here!

New triple decker oreo cookieIt’s Round, but is it good for you?

This man-made cookie is Round to the eye, but don’t let that fool you. It did not grow on a tree, vine or in the ground. That means it is not one of nature’s healthy foods, in fact, it may not be a food at all.

This double-stuffed monstrosity is what Round Eaters call Special Round! It is a gargantuan, overly-sugared, bigger than your mouth treat lurking on store shelves–as of today. You can even buy it on Amazon!

What are Special Round Foods?

Special Round foods are combinations of Round foods or food-like substances that are meant to be eaten rarely, such as on special occasions known as holidays, parties, and other celebratory events. These foods taste more delicious and do less harm to your body when eaten once in a long while and in small amounts, such as one bite of this multi-stacked, saturated fatty snack.

Oreos are almost as American as apple pie or fast food, yet they are filled with artery-clogging, diabetes-promoting, cellulite-building ingredients that only a scientist could pronounce. No matter how yummy they taste, there’s no denying that these sweet treats are detrimental to the human body–meaning–they do not belong on any healthy diet. Check out Nabisco for this gluttonous cookie’s nutritional information.

run like your being chased by the devil!

So let’s say you give in–one or more of these uber-Oreos trespass beyond your lips–maybe even at a rapid clip. Perhaps you dipped Oreo after Oreo in milk, or topped them with ice-cream, or chewed the entire bag in a wild binging frenzy. No need to fear.

Wipe away the crumbs and milk mustache, slip on your tennis shoes, run ten miles, bike 2o miles, jump on a fitness trampoline for 3o minutes, and then vow to zip your mouth and ignore your urge for more. Impress upon your sugar-coated brain that no cookie is worth a shortened life of sluggish unhealthiness in a pair of diabetic fat pants that only a Biggest Loser could understand.

The choice is yours! The devil does not need to win! Now go eat some tomatoes or an apple!


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  • Get Your Relax On With New Slow Drinks

    New Chill out Craze Coming

    Drinking for energy is slowly becoming passe with an influx of new drinks designed for relaxation!

    These slo-mo drinks contain calming ingredients such as melatonin, a natural sleep aide. Other natural kickback ingredients include valerian root, rose hips, lemon balm, chamomile, kava-kava, GABA and passionflower.

    It appears that this new chill out craze is slowly becoming a hit among the over-caffeinated, herbal-imbibing crowd–young and old. When it’s time for these hyped up, stressed out masses to unwind or go to sleep, the usual glass of wine, warm milk or chamomile tea will filled with one or more of these soothing sodas, and maybe a cookie.

    Suffice to say that there’s no real evidence to back up any of the relaxing claims spouted by these zen-inducing drink makers, but the millions of thirsty guinea pigs are sure to guzzle gluttonously, leading to unexpected conclusions yet to be fathomed.

    As for advice from the experts, well they tend to agree on the cool factor of these anti-relaxation drinks, all while noting that health stems from good nutrition, exercise, good sleep habits and stress management techniques–rather than anything you can find in a can or a bottle.

    New MyPlate From the USDA

    A Rounder Plan

    The USDA just launched MyPlate, their replacement for the Food Pyramid. Say goodbye to the triangular pyramid and hello to the Round plate.

    The goal is to lead Americans away from starchy and meaty meals, and steer them towards more plant-based foods.

    These governmental foodies are now promoting a colorful plate in quarters:

    • Green for vegetables
    • Red for fruits
    • Orange for grains
    • Purple for protein

    Myplate or MyPyramid?

    Turns out that many nutritionists in the know are not completely pleased by this change due to the plate’s decreased focus on healthy choices for grains, protein, and fat. MyPlate does not mention avoiding sugary baked goods, breakfast cereals, and drinks, or those salty processed foods and snacks that make up a bulk of many American’s daily meals that are making everyone fatter and unhealthier.

    MyPlate’s Pluses

    The new healthy eating plate visually represents portion sizes and shows how a balanced meal should be at least half vegetables and fruits. MyPlate is also considered to be based on better science than MyPyramid or old-fashioned Food Guide Pyramid.

    Unlike MyPyramid, the Round MyPlate allows people to learn what to eat using more visual cues. Sounds very Round to those of us who know that Round food is the healthiest food to eat–and that you can choose the healthiest food by their Round shape!

    New American Plate Copycat

    Another note of interest is that MyPlate is a near clone of the New American Plate, developed in 1999 by the American Institute for Cancer Research.

    Let the healthy food wars commence!

    Salt, Sugar, and Fat! Oh Bye!

    Say No to Sugar, Salt and Fat!

    The head governmental honchos in charge of our healthy dietary guidelines made a plea today for anyone trying to lose weight or prevent high blood pressure and heart disease, to cutback on foods filled with sugar, fat and salt.

    This is good news for Round food lovers, for as you know, Round food grows naturally without any of these unwanted ingredients. If you are not familiar with the benefits of Round food, learn more right here on Roundorama.

    These same experts recommend  that people 51 and older, including all blacks and people with hypertension, diabetes and chronic kidney disease to cut their salt intake to 1,500 milligrams, which is just a bit over half a teaspoon per day. This recommendation adds up to almost half the U.S. population. They also suggest that everyone else limit their sodium intake to less than 2,300 milligrams daily — about a teaspoon.

    what you can do

    • Eat fewer foods with added sugar. Buy fresh foods sweetened by nature.
    • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Choose them by looking for foods that naturally grow in a Round shape.
    • Eat more whole grains, knowing whole is another way of saying “Round.”
    • Switch to fat-free or low-fat milk and dairy products, or skip altogether.
    • Swap solid fats like butter with oils such as olive oil extracted from Round olives.
    • Eat more fish and shellfish, which is healthily prepared when broiled, baked or grilled.
    • Drink less alcohol — one beverage a day for women and two for men, and consider drinking wine from the Round grape.

    plumIf you cook at home, you have total control over what goes down your gullet. To replace that comforting and familiar feeling you get from sugar, salt and fat, you can add flavor with herbs, mustard, vinegars, spice rubs or 100 percent fruit juice.

    Farmer Creates Hottest Chili Pepper Ever, The Naga Viper

    Naga Viper Hottest Chili PepperHottest Round Food

    This new breed of pepper, the Naga Viper, is not a snake, but is shares a snake-like name for a reason – a bite of this viper can make you want to die.

    This blazing hot pepper ironically grows in a freezing climate, and is fierier than the hottest peppers grown in India and Mexico.

    NoteThe Naga Viper now tops the hottest Round food list. It naturally grows in a Round shape, can be sliced into circles, making it a Super and Sliced Round scorching hot food, according to the Science of Roundology.

    This new pepper is the creation of a chili farmer living in northwest England who crossed three of the hottest peppers in a greenhouse surrounded by snow to spawn the Naga Viper.

    Pepper experts spout that this Naga Viper pepper is thousands of times hotter than chili peppers, claiming it to be the hottest pepper on our Round Earth. Okay, I added the Round part, but this is Roundorama and it is true — our Earth is Super Round, as is the moon, the sun and universe of planets.

    Those who dared to taste the Viper say it is painful to eat. After it numbs your tongue, it continues by burning all the way down. How far down I do not know, but that burning sensation can last an hour. The funny thing is that although for that hour you are practically immobilized, you also supposedly feel great.