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Delicious & Pretty Dessert

How to make my favorite new obsession

Yummy Thanksgiving Leftovers

Wrap it UP!

Thanksgiving dinner keeps on giving with this simple, delicious, flavorful wrap filled with yummy leftovers.

Try the Round Lady’s easy to make Thanksgiving Wrap!

Lighter Side of Diets

The Hollywood Vowel Diet

This diet is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  How can this be true? Just ask Sesame the Cat!

Sesame is the master living and breathing for one thing — food. Some say this is  because he was neutered last year, which freed him of all his manly cat ways. But those who live with him, such as the Round Lady, know his thoughts are  consumed with eating his next meal or treat.

So, when Sesame was asked by his Hollywood friends to partake in a review of the latest diet craze in Hollywood, he did not need to lick his lips twice.

7 Banana Glad to Knows

1) The average banana is just 110 calories.
2) Bananas are healthy for your heart.
3) Bananas are perfect for health & weight-loss.
4) Bananas are free of fat, cholesterol and sodium.
5) Bananas are full of yummy vitamin B6.
6) Slicing a banana makes perfect circles, making them a Sliced Round food.
7) Bananas make delicious muffins, desserts, and can be mixed in hot cereals.

Watch Charlie Sheen's Cooking Show and His Winning RecipesEating Bananas with a bonus Round Lady Muffin Recipe
Learn from this healthy banana-filled video, topped how to make the most delicious banana muffins in the kitchen with the Round Lady.

From Top Chef to Top Burger

Sexy Angelo winning!

Sexy Chef Angelo Sosa, a “Top Chef” and “Top Chef: All Stars” alum, and his Korean-inspired Bibimbap burger win the title of “Greatest Burger in America.”

Angelo Sosa, now the executive chef and co-owner of Social Eatz, is famous for fusing Asian flavors with American comfort foods. The restaurant  is an American-Asian (not Asian-American!) restaurant and bar,  which offers American comfort foods with an Asian kick.

The Bibimbap Burger

The name, Bibimbap, is Korean for “mixed meal”, a combo of ground beef with a slow cooked egg, covered in lettuce and served with pickled carrot and cucumber.

The Bibimbap burger is Super Round with the egg and veggies, and Shaped Round with the burger and bun. Eat a meal like this once in a while, and no guilt when you do.

Free Cocktail at Social Eatz

To celebrate their burger victory, Social Eatz is offering a free cocktail with each Bibimbap burger order for the month of May!

Celebrity Chef Round Pick of the Week!

Rachael Ray’s Wa-s’up? Tuna Salad Pinwheels (Bento Lunch Box)

A bento box is a tasty set of Japanese dishes that hold a variety of ingredients in one meal in separate containers that fit inside one big box. This fun lunch is made up Rachael Rayof two different recipes – some Rounder than others, each one is so easy, you can make it in minutes!

Get Rachael’s Bento Box Recipe! Make it for your kids, grand kids, your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate, friend or treat yourself to a tasty lunch in a bento box!