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7 Banana Glad to Knows

1) The average banana is just 110 calories.
2) Bananas are healthy for your heart.
3) Bananas are perfect for health & weight-loss.
4) Bananas are free of fat, cholesterol and sodium.
5) Bananas are full of yummy vitamin B6.
6) Slicing a banana makes perfect circles, making them a Sliced Round food.
7) Bananas make delicious muffins, desserts, and can be mixed in hot cereals.

Watch Charlie Sheen's Cooking Show and His Winning RecipesEating Bananas with a bonus Round Lady Muffin Recipe
Learn from this healthy banana-filled video, topped how to make the most delicious banana muffins in the kitchen with the Round Lady.



Whether you are Tivo-ing, Netflxing, cable-TVing, stellite dishing or watching YouTube, unRound your couch potato habits by snacking on:

  • Dried pears, mangoes, kiwis, and raisins
  • Fresh fruits like sliced pluots with chilled globe grapes

Don’t pig out and eat handfuls of these healthy fiber-filled snacks. Remember your portions! A handful of dried fruit is like several jumbo handfuls of fresh fruit.  Eat slowly, put snacks in a tray or pretty dish. Enjoy thoroughly!

Nothing like a good show and a tray of healthy snacks!

OMG! A Healthy Diet Drink I love!

Delicious Healthy Diet DrinkHealth Up With This Spicy blended drink!

If you love guacamole and salsa, then you will love this drink! If you want something healthy to drink but need to put it in a glass, you must try this drink. If you do not like tomato juice, well, I would not try it at all.

Nuts as a Weight Loss Tool

Don’t be Nuts, Eat Nuts

Nuts, which are considered a Super Round food, are compact power-packed nutrients that should not be overlooked on any healthy weight loss plan.

Sure, nuts are caloric, but new studies show that those who eat nuts regularly tend to have less body fat.

Why Nuts Are Diet Friendly

  • Eating nuts decreases your appetite so that you will eat less during the course of a day.
  • Turns out that our bodies cannot absorb all the fat in nuts, meaning up to 20 percent of the fat in nuts will be pooped out.
  • Some studies show that nuts can increase one’s metabolism by more than 10 percent.

Secret to Eating Nuts on a Diet

The key to adding nuts to your diet is to eat them in place of less nutritious foods, rather than in addition to other food. Instead of munching  on carb-filled snacks between meals, eat a palmful of raw, unsalted nuts.

Number of nuts in a 1o ounce serving:

  • Almonds: 20-24
  • Brazil nuts: 6-8
  • Cashews: 16-18
  • Hazelnuts: 18-20
  • Pecans: 18-20 (halves)
  • Pine Nuts: 150-157
  • Pistachios: 45-47
  • Walnuts: 8-11

Almonds Rule in The World of Health

almondsNew studies show that a mere handful of almonds a day can lead to healthy cholesterol levels. These little Round (with a pointy end) morsels are nutrient-packed with vitamin E, riboflavin, magnesium, manganese and copper. In other words, almonds can lead to a healthier body.

The scientists behind almond studies also discovered that eating whole almonds with the skin, doubles their antioxidant cancer-fighting powers.

Eating 22 almonds will add more protein to your diet than an egg, plus with almonds you get much needed dietary fiber and their high-protein content eaten as a snack between meals can keep you from getting into that crazy-hungry-I-don’t-care frame of mind.

The best almonds are dry-roasted without added sugar or preservatives. Eat almonds as a snack, on a salad, or in assorted recipes to add protein to your diet. Know that almonds are calorie-dense, so eat just a few — no more than fits in the palm of your hand at one sitting.

For the freshest tasting almonds, store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This will  keep them from becoming rancid and smelling like other foods. By refrigerating almonds, you will maintain their freshness for several months. By freezing them, they will last for up to a year.

Making Snacks with Twin Teens – Josh & TJ

New on RoundTV

Ever wonder how to get your kids eating healthy snacks at school, along with growing up knowing how to feed themselves in a nutritious way? Well, in this video you will see how these teens, although they could be tiny tots, make their own snacks and take an interest in what they are eating.

Watch Making Snacks with Twin Teens – Josh & TJ! Tell your friends, share with your kids, and help take a bite out of obesity in kids–also knows as future adults. And don’t forget to subscribe!

Meet My Perfect Man

My Perfect ManHe’s Like a Dessert!

I discovered the perfect man! Although I’m not willing to share him, I can show you exactly how I got him and how you have have one just like him! And I’m not pimping him out or selling anything. Just sharing my good fortune!

RoundTV Roundlady VideoIn less than 2 minutes, you’ll see what I mean when you watch Meet My Perfect Man on RoundTV.

Tale of a Bully

Tazzle's Phunt

narrated by Diana


Tazzle’s Phunt is a story that emerged from many many years of being bullied. I created this story eons ago, but I thought that now might be an appropriate time to share it in support of the It Gets Better Project.

Diet Rules VideoPresident Obama’s: It Gets Better Project
Diana’s: IT GETS BETTER: Hold On!

HEALTHY DESSERT: How to Cut a Mango

New on RoundTV

Mango lovers not yet versed in cutting this orange fruit in an easy fashion will enjoy this short video. Diana shows you how to combine two complementary fruits to make a colorfully healthy and delicious dessert that even a monkey could prepare…well almost.

What’s coming next?

Due to many-a-request, soon to be added to RoundTV will be a montage of photos of Diana as a bodybuilder. So heads up on that one.

Watch HEALTHY DESSERT: How to Cut a Mango

Healthy Snacks On the Go Video

Snacks are Key to Healthy Eating

Preparing healthy snacks ahead of time and keeping one or two with you where ever you go is one of the keys to eating healthy. You will always have something healthy to eat even if you are caught in traffic, late for a meeting, work later than you planned, get caught at school for hours, or even at the movie theater where you can bring your own snacks to avoid having to fight the urge to trans-fatty eat buttered eat popcorn and other unmentionables.

Movie Snack: Bring your own snack or snacks in a baggie or air-tight container like grapes, blueberries or dark chocolate covered raisins.

If you want to see some healthy snack ideas or just want to join the healthy Round snack eating crowd, watch the Healthy Snacks on the Go video.