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Create Your Own Diet Visualizations

Visualizations are most effective when they come from your own mind.


These tips will help you discover your own brand of lean and fit imagery.

  • Know that fat cells are weak and that exercise is their enemy. Never trust a fat cell who lures you with sugary treats!
  • See your fat cells as greedy creatures who enjoy tricking you into eating more food than you need.
  • Remember that your body wants to be lean and fit.
  • Create imagery that leaves your body with smaller fat cells.
  • Determine your reason to Round Down, and remind yourself of that reason often.
  • See yourself as slim and fit, as if you are already slim and fit.
  • Be specific about your expectations. If you say you want to lose weight, the universe will think a pound is enough. But if you say, “On November 1, 2009, I am a size 5,” that is the exact goal you will reach.
  • Draw your own imagery to bring your visualizations to life and make them real to your body and mind.
  • Use positive affirmations, and know that the universe does not understand negative words. If you tell yourself that you do not want to be fat, all the universe hears is FAT–and that is what you will get. Instead say, “I am lean and fit.” Speaking positive words reinforces your expectation to be lean and fit.
  • Visualize every day and note it in your Round Diet Diary with words and pictures.
  • See visualizing as part of your job to be less Round.

“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.” Mary Pickford

Visualize Your Slim & Fit Self

You can help yourself become slim and fit:

  • Imagine how you will look and feel when you are the fit weight you want to be.
  • Know exactly how you want to look and hold that picture in your mind–and think about it often.
  • See yourself slipping into your smallest jeans and how you will feel wearing them out in the world.
  • Let yourself feel fancy-free and able to handle anything in your beautiful lean body.
  • Know you deserve it–you do!


Put photos of how you want to look on your fridge and mirrors.

Look at them and think about them often.

When you want to eat the wrong foods, think about this picture!

Shrink Your Fat Cells


Imagine your fat cells as over-filled balloons that you can shrink by letting out the air.

Each day that you follow the Round Diet, you are letting air out of each fat cell in your body.

Picture air seeping out of your fat cells as you exercise–inhale health and fitness, exhale unwanted fat.

See your fat cells as helpless, weak, greedy creatures that you can easily control.

Visualizing Being Less Round

You can train your mind to see yourself as a stronger, sexier, leaner and more fit person.

The Truth about Fat Cells

MASTER_HELP_-ME_fatcell_tooYour body has a certain amount of fat cells that grow and shrink depending on how you feed them. Other than liposuction, there is no dieting way to reduce the amount of fat cells in your body.

Smaller Fat Cells

After working out and eating healthy, take some time to imagine yourself shrinking. Just before you fall asleep is a good time, or while you get dressed, or anytime you have your brain all to yourself.

Then imagine what one of your fat cells looks like and look into it’s face. See how weak it is, confused, and scared. Be cool and picture your fat cell shrinking, or even feed it some fresh produce and watch it shrink — and know that you can do this with all your fat cells. You know that shrinking them will shrink you, which equals a smaller you.

DO NOT listen to their pleas for fatty, greasy, salty, or fake foods. Remember that you’re in charge of shrinking your fat cells.