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Winner of the Healthiest Breakfast

Simple to Make and Tasty To Eat

A new study discovered that the healthiest breakfast is a simple bowl of cereal with milk.

By starting your day with cereal and milk, you will be less likely to stuff your face with fatty, sugary food during the course of the day. Plus, cereal nutrients your body with calcium and a variety of other key nutrients, such as fiber and protein.

Feed yourself and your loved ones a whole grain cereal with milk, and for an even more nutritious, delicious, energy-boosting breakfast, add berries or a sliced banana to the mix. Of course, the choice is always yours!

3 Must Eat Leftover Turkey Ideas

Enjoy Healthy Leftovers

Leftover TurkeyHot or Cold Turkey Sandwich
Make this delicious leftover sandwich for lunch or dinner. Simply grab a healthy whole wheat bread, slap on some light mayo, stuffing, sliced turkey and cranberry sauce. To serve hot, try open-faced and top with gravy. Then plan time to burn some energy (calories) by taking a brisk 45 minute walk.

Festive Curried Turkey Salad
Mix up a batch of tasty turkey salad and toss on a salad, a slice of French bread or roll up in a wrap. Simply add together in a bowl, 1/8 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons chutney, 3 to 4 teaspoons curry powder to taste, 1/4 cup chopped celery, 1/3 cup cranberry sauce, 1 tablespoon chopped green onion, 2 tablespoons chopped pecans or cashews, 1 1/2 cups diced turkey. Make extra and you’ll have ready-made meals for days to come.

Hot Turkey Omelet
Whip up a healthy and savory Thanksgiving omelet any time of day. Whisk 3 eggs per omelet (cook each one separately), pour into heated and oiled pan, and cook until you can lift edges with a spatula. Add pulled apart turkey, leftover stuffing and a drizzle or two or three or more of gravy. Let cook for another minute or two, then flip and let cook for another minute. Slide the omelet onto a plate, fold over and add a dollop of cranberry sauce on top. Eat with a tall glass of cranberry juice.

PART 1: A Day of Healthy Eating – Breakfast

New on Round TV

This requested video is the first in a 3 part series that shows you a day of healthy eating. The series starts with a light breakfast, along with some snack ideas that you can prepare ahead of time and take with you where-ever you go during the day.

Following this first video is one on eating a healthy lunch, including a simple stove top demo. The final video shows you a tasty dinner fit for a cold and stormy day — all while being good for you and of course made out of a variety of delicious and colorful Round foods.

View the Part 1: A Day of Healthy Eating — Breakfast video now. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE after you watch the video!

Chipotle Eggs & Polenta with Mango

Breakfast_egg_mango_polenta_perfect_borderHere’s a sweet and spicy breakfast I made the other morning for the man around the house, who by the way, is holding strong on the Round Diet. As you can see it is a man-sized meal, whereas my less manly plate had one less slice of Polenta.

Also note that you can buy the Polenta and Chipotle salsa at a store, so you don’t need to make it yourself. Sometimes convenience is a good thing as long as you choose healthy and fresh store bought items.


2 sauteed slices of Polenta
Sunny-side up egg
Homemade or store bought Chipotle sauce or salsa
Chunks of fresh mango

Heat a non-stick pan on medium high, add one egg, lower the temperature to medium, and cook until the whites are fully cooked. In the same pan, while cooking the egg, add one or two slices of Polenta (get a supermarket) to the pan, and cook for 2 minutes on each side. Slice the mango into chunks. Plate the Polenta and top with salsa store bought or your favorite homemade recipe, add the egg on the side along with the mango chunks. Eat it, enjoy and then go for a short walk.

If you are not a Polenta fan you can eat one or two golf ball sized potatoes instead. If you don’t have any tiny potatoes, try 1/2 slice of very grainy bread. If not bread, try the lighter side with a small salad.

Fruity and Nutty Oatmeal

A flavorful and comforting breakfast

A flavorful and comforting breakfast

How to make it

Follow the directions on the Rounded oatmeal box. You will want to make one serving per person. Notice that oat grains are flat and Round.

Add more Round flavors

10 raisins
1 tablespoon sliced almonds
Dash of cinnamon

Optional flavors

Dollop of any jam or preserves
1 tablespoon of nonfat milk

Plating Breakfast

In a colorful bowl, add a cup of the hot oatmeal mixture sprinkle ,with cinnamon, add a dollop jam for sweetness or leave it out, pour a small ring of nonfat milk or leave out the milk, and eat slowly with a cup of steaming tea.

SunnySide Egg Salad Breakfast


1 slice iceberg lettuce
1 egg
1 slice avocado
1 slice large tomato
Smidgen of olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste
¼ tablespoon any light salad dressing


Cut one thick slice of iceberg lettuce, one circular slice of avocado and one slice of tomato. On a pretty plate, stack the lettuce, tomato, and avocado – in that order. Drizzle with any light salad dressing. Set aside.

Lightly brush a nonstick frying pan with olive oil and place over medium high heat. Cook the egg sunnyside up or over easy. Place cooked egg on top of the salad stack. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve, enjoy the round shape, and eat right away. Drink with a hot cup of coffee, tea or water.