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All the Chips You Want, Don’t Gain a Pound

Another way to get your salty fake food fix

Have you ever dreamed of having all the chips you could possible eat, and get none of the salty, chemical-filled, greasiness? Then you’ll want to watch this video to find out exactly how you can do just that!

Portions Baby!

Measuring how to measure

01_hand_avocadoThere are many ways to measure portions, some messier and more convenient than others – and all ways of controlling your portions are key to your quest to slim down and fit into smaller jeans..

To measure portions, you could do any of the following and still be confused:

  • Count calories
  • Weigh your food
  • Guess how much you should eat.
  • Try not to eat anything bigger than your stomach, or be like Miss Piggy and not eat more than you lift.
  • Use your Round knowledge and know that an apple is a perfect snack portion and that most food the size of your fist is a portion.

Round Ways to Measure Portions



Keep a Diet Diary

cherrystemalonecolorYour Diet Diary

To be the best Round Dieter you can be, you will need to keep a diet diary. To keep your own diet diary, follow these steps for each snack, meal and morsel that passes your lips.

  • Buy a small notebook that you can keep with you where ever you go.
  • Write down exactly what you eat and drink. Make note of portion sizes.
  • Jot down when and where you eat.
  • Note who you ate with or if you ate alone.
  • Use smiley or sad faces or other emoticons to show how you feel.
  • Begin journaling the day you start your Round Diet.
  • Include any diet visualization notes and draw any images.
  • Look at your diary often to look for patterns, along with what works and does not work.
  • Use colored pencils, pens and other festive drawing and writing tools that you thought were just for kids.

Take a Breather

Breathing Fresh Air in a Triangle by the Sea

Breathing Fresh Air in a Triangle by the Sea

Breathe Break

It’s a tool, it’s free and so is the air you’ll breathe. It’s a Breathe Break with transformational guru, Jan (Hutch) Hutchins.

You’ll uplift how you feel right away without having to leave the comfort of wherever life is stressing you, like your office, living room or any other place you need to relax while out in the world.

Take a Breathe Break here and see for yourself.

Round Food Intake Form

A recent study conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, found that dieters who kept track of what they eat lost almost double the weight of those who diet without keeping track. Tracking your food is also a great way to know what you are eating throughout the day. Many people are surprised that they eat more than they think they do. It also helps you see changes over time that you might not notice from day to day.

On the form, there is a section for tracking Roundercises (Round exercises) to help you remember to exercise in combination with eating healthy Round foods.

Download the the Round Food Intake Form, print it, make copies, place in a binder, and fill out daily to track your Rounding down progress.