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UnRound Your Belly!

Round is a shapebe less Round To Stick Around

The powers behind medical studies discovered that where your body stores extra fat can add to your risk of health problems. Turns out that belly fat is the most dangerous, while hip, thigh and butt fat are a safer place to gain fat.

For men, a rotund waist greater than 40 inches, and 35 inches for women has been linked to more serious illnesses, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and out of whack cholesterol.

Get rid of belly fatTo unRound your belly, you must do cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, jumping on a rebounder or fitness trampolining, swimming, hula hooping, jump roping, hiking, aerobics, skating, and bicycling. Anything that gets your blood pumping for at least 12 minutes (30 to 45 minutes preferred) will help your body burn off stored fat in the belly area and other hard to de-fat areas. If you can only do 12 minutes, know that it is accumulative–it all adds up throughout the day.

Besides upping your activity level, it is important to combine the effort with healthy, reduced calorie eating. Choose Round fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Eat 3 medium meals and 2 to 3 snacks in-between to stave off that crazy hunger that may occur. Avoid fat-laden, fried, and sugary foods. Also, the imbibing of excess alcohol is linked to belly fat, so drink no more than a glass of wine a day or none at all. Avoid hard liqueur and beer–sorry folks.

Topping off the belly fat enhancers is stress, so if you’re in a constant state of stressfulness, learn to practice relaxation techniques and other stress-management skills, such as yoga, a breathe break, and even taking a bubble bath or getting a massage.

So take your life in your hands and get your belly down to size, even flat. Watch RoundTV for inspiration, get a friend or family member to join you in your quest, and start today so you will be that much closer to a healthy waistline!

Get Fit! Eat Healthy With Family

A little Bench Pressing in the Gym

Meet My Niece

In this video you’ll meet Jenny, Diana’s Niece, Jenny, who is a lot like her. They pose, weights in the gym, eat healthy and jump with the family. You’ll get an idea of the full circle of healthy eating and working out. It turns out that Diana and Jenny have quite a lot in common.

Chicken Salad Recipe on Roundorama.

Chicken Salad Video on RoundTV.

Watch Get Fit! Eat Healthy With Family!

Dieting Sizes You, Exercise Shapes You

Dietand ExerciseNew on RoundTV

Your Body Shape

In this video, you’ll see which of the four main body shapes you are, and learn how to go about changing your own body into a shape that you want. What are you waiting for?

Diet Rules VideoWatch Dieting Sizes You, Exercise Shapes You
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Crazy Cycle of Bodybuilding


Training, Eating, Waiting
Reading, Asking, Learning
Running, Cycling, Burning
Injecting, Watching, Growing
Chancing, Changing, Testing
Dieting, Starving, Losing
Listening, Choosing, Posing
Timing, Tanning, Peaking
Cutting up, Carbing up, Filling up
Signing up, Lining up, Pumping up
Flexing, Comparing, Competing
Performing, Winning, Losing
Ending up, Eating up, Fattening up

Back in My Bodybuilding Days

Diana in 1983

Diana in 1983

Every so often I reminisce about my bodybuilding days. I used to train so much that people at my gym thought I was over-training. What they didn’t know was that I was over-training at more than one gym. I thought that if I did just a little bit more than anybody else that I would win. If I ate weirder foods than everybody else, like boiled squid, I’d win – and I did.

I recall my decision to quit the sport. I was on stage posing down with the heavyweight at the 1984 Western America. She was big and muscular with ropey veins. She won her weight class and so did I. We posed down and it was a tie. This was at a time when the bodybuilding world was trying to decided which way to go – with a more muscular look or keep the femininity. By one point muscularity won.

But that’s not why I quit. I was struck by two things that day. Earlier that morning when I was posing in front of the judges I noticed one of them eating ice cream and not paying attention to me. I’d dieted for 2 months and worked out like a crazy person – I wanted their full attention for those few minutes. Then that night during the show when the heavyweight was declared the overall winner, I was shoved aside and told to get out of the way while everyone took photos of the winner. As number 2, I was not important.

Bodybuilding suddenly lost it’s luster and I was no longer going to practically kill myself to win. I’d already won enough trophies and who really cared? Not me. Not anymore. I left LA the next morning and ate nonstop all the way home to Northern California. When I got home I gathered all my trophies, ripped off the plates and tossed their hulking remains into the garbage.