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Whether you are Tivo-ing, Netflxing, cable-TVing, stellite dishing or watching YouTube, unRound your couch potato habits by snacking on:

  • Dried pears, mangoes, kiwis, and raisins
  • Fresh fruits like sliced pluots with chilled globe grapes

Don’t pig out and eat handfuls of these healthy fiber-filled snacks. Remember your portions! A handful of dried fruit is like several jumbo handfuls of fresh fruit.  Eat slowly, put snacks in a tray or pretty dish. Enjoy thoroughly!

Nothing like a good show and a tray of healthy snacks!

Exercise to Burn Off A Hamburger

Eat A Hamburger & Still Look Good

So you succumbed to eating a big fat juicy hamburger and now you want to burn it off.

Burn Burger Burn

Your basic hamburger is about 310 calories, and to burn that off here are some exercises to melt away that burger and bun. (These vary with height, weight,  intensity and size of the burger you ate.)

  • Walk: 94 minutes
  • Run: 31 minutes
  • Rebound: 26 minutes
  • Swim: 59 minutes
  • Bicycle: 45 minutes

When cooking your own burger,  use lean ground beef or turkey. Instead of a pure meat burger,  mix in chopped veggies, and either serve without a bun, or on a whole-wheat bun or whole grain bread. Add lettuce or fresh spinach topped with a slice of tomato and a dash of mustard. For a cheesy flavor with fewer calories, grate fresh Parmesan on top. And lastly, pair it with a cool glass of water or plain soda with a squeeze of lemon or lime — or add slices of pineapple for a refreshing beverage that goes with any burger.

A hamburger is Round, but it did not grow that way. A hamburger must be shaped and molded into a Round shape by a machine or human hands — so it falls under the category of Shaped Round foods. This means you can eat it some of the time, and if you do, just remember that you can burn it off — although in the Round world you are not allowed to feel guilty about eating it!

For more info on Round Food, browse Roundorama, especially the Round Code section. Or learn everything you never thought you’d need to do in the The Round Diet – a healthy eating book that will change your view of food forever, and make you laugh and wonder.

Other Hamburger News

Making Snacks with Twin Teens – Josh & TJ

New on RoundTV

Ever wonder how to get your kids eating healthy snacks at school, along with growing up knowing how to feed themselves in a nutritious way? Well, in this video you will see how these teens, although they could be tiny tots, make their own snacks and take an interest in what they are eating.

Watch Making Snacks with Twin Teens – Josh & TJ! Tell your friends, share with your kids, and help take a bite out of obesity in kids–also knows as future adults. And don’t forget to subscribe!

Healthy Round Diet Fruity Lunch

Pomegranates, Pineapple & Mango, Oh My

The heart of this lunch is a fresh fruit salad that’s as delicious to eat as it is fun to make.

In The Hills

Don’t be surprised if you learn new cutting skills, and meet some new people and critters in this fruity Round lunch in the hills.

Watch The Video

Good & Bad Fats in a Nutshell


It’s easy to know the difference between good and bad fats. And you don’t need to be a doctor, nutritionist or learn how to pronounce fancy elongated chemical terms. Why? Because healthy fats also happen to come from healthy Round foods that you can easily spot by noticing their natural Round shape.

Round Foods with Good Fats

Olive Oils
Olives are very Round, making their oil a super Round and healthy fat treat. Whether you eat the whole olive or drizzle olive oil over food, it always spells H-E-A-T-H-L-Y!

Fish (Salmon and Tuna)
Fish are curvy proteins with Round striated rings that you can see in any fresh salmon or tuna. Check for these Round designs in any fillet, and I’d be remiss if I did not also mention their very Round roe (fish eggs).

Most nuts naturally grow in a hard Round shell, such as walnuts and pistachios. You can create a healthy habit by eating nuts right out of their shell. that way you will have to burn a calorie for your food. Try a 10 walnuts, 11 almonds , or 5 pecans for a quick good fat snack.

This curvy green fruit is known for its distinctive taste, texture and versatility. It’s a Round good fat food with a sexy shape and super Round pit. Try one cut in half with lemon juice and a taste of salt, smear it on bread in place of mayo, or top a variety of dishes with a palm full of chopped avocado chunks.

These seeds are a curvy Round shape, jam-packed with healthy fiber, and a long known addition to the world of healthy foods. It’s a breeze to add ground flaxseed into a homemade cookie or muffin, or oatmeal or cereal, as a good fat boost.

a WARM good fat

Besides a good fat’s Round shape, you can also spot healthy fats by checking them out at room temperature. If they are liquid, like olive oil, thumbs up. If they are semi-solid, like butter or margarine, then thumbs down.

Choose plain low-fat yogurt in place of sour cream for sauces and dips. Try olive oil and garlic instead of whole milk and butter for a tasty mashed potato twist.

Food with Bad Fats

  • Red meat & fatty meats like salami and bacon
  • Dairy products such as cream and butter
  • Thick vegetable oils like coconut, palm, and kernel oil

Limit these bad fats to no more than 10 percent of your diet, and shoot for 5%. This means you can have a steak every so often, unless you are a vegetarian, of course. And remember to eat healthy fats most of the time, and that is what matters most!.

One Bad Fat word

There is one word you need to look for on packaged foods. Here it is!


If you see the word hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, step away! partially or not, it is still hydrogenated! It’s like saying, partially poisonous. Step away—far far away! Places you’ll see this word are in packaged and processed foods, including bakery items, cookies, and crackers. So beware!

Round shopping Advice

Avoid fatty pitfalls by shopping in a circle around the edges of any grocery store. That is where you will find the fresh Round fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat and fish, whole nuts, and freshly baked whole grains.

Take care to enter the center of the store for items such as spices, nuts, grains, beans, and tea. Then leave as quickly as possible before a boxed processed food item calls your name and invades the body you want.

BE SNEAKY: Fool Family with Healthier Meals

New on RoundTV

Diana shares her secret way of sneaking veggies in meals so that you can make healthier dishes without the knowledge of your kids, spouse, friends or family. This is a trick she has used for years – and is even asked, often, what makes these dishes tastes so good. If they only knew!

Watch BE SNEAKY: Healthier Meals.

Salt it, Grill it, Hold the Sauces

Ready for Grilling

Ready for Grilling

Slapping fish on the grill is super easy. All you need is some fresh fish, any kind of fish, like salmon, trout, halibut, snapper, swordfish, bass or sand dabs.

Sprinkle a smattering of salt on both sides and any fish is ready to go. For instance, the pictured trout and sand dabs have such a great flavor of their own that smothering them in anything other than a sprinkling of salt would might smother the fish’s natural flavor.

In other words, let the flavor of your fish be the star when you grill it. There’s no need to add a zillion spices or sauces. Of course, a squeeze of lemon, lime or other citrus on a piece of fish, after it’s grilled, can add a delicious zest to any meal.

Portions Baby!

Measuring how to measure

01_hand_avocadoThere are many ways to measure portions, some messier and more convenient than others – and all ways of controlling your portions are key to your quest to slim down and fit into smaller jeans..

To measure portions, you could do any of the following and still be confused:

  • Count calories
  • Weigh your food
  • Guess how much you should eat.
  • Try not to eat anything bigger than your stomach, or be like Miss Piggy and not eat more than you lift.
  • Use your Round knowledge and know that an apple is a perfect snack portion and that most food the size of your fist is a portion.

Round Ways to Measure Portions



Eating Round One Step at a Time

Round food is everywhere!

Round food is everywhere!

Eating Round Starts with Shopping

The produce department and your local farmer’s market are lush resources for fresh Round fruits and vegetables. They are where you should get at least half the food you eat. Finding these foods is so easy a kindergartner could do it.

First Step

Follow the Round Rule
Next time you go shopping, only buy food that nature grew in a Round shape, like tomatoes and eggs, or food that can be sliced into circles from its natural grown shape like bananas and cucumbers.

You can follow the example below or buy other Round foods as long as you keep with the Round Rule.

Example of Round Food to Buy
Apples. oranges, blueberries, grapes, kiwis, melons, lettuce, bell peppers, onions, garlic, cabbage, mushrooms, a whole chicken, potatoes, nuts, eggs and a bottle of wine made from Round grapes.

When you get home, unpack it and take a look at how healthy, fresh and delicious it all looks.

Example of What to Prepare
Make a fruit salad, a dinner salad, roast vegetables and a chicken with garlic and mushrooms. Use any recipe you like, such as one online, but you can’t add any other ingredients except for olive oil, spice, herbs, plain yogurt and soy sauce.

Plate Round Food
Find your boldest plates and silverware and plate each dish with Roundness in mind…meaning slice the food so it maintains its Round shape like cutting cucumber into circles.

Eat Round Food
Serve to your family and friends. Decorate the table with fresh fruit like lemons and limes.

flower2Consider decorating with produce for a natural pop of color in any room, and don’t hold back by leaving out a vase of fresh flowers.

A Deliciously Round Sushi Night

Sushi with it’s curvy fish, fish eggs, rolling and slicing into circles and garnishing with fresh Round foods make it one of the Roundest ways to eat.

Last night we ate deliciously Round as we sat at our favorite sushi bar and let the chefs serve us off the menu. We always ask them to create something new, and because of that I often do not know what we are eating. Last night was no exception as you can see in the photos below! The evening closed with a quail egg and uni in a sparkling sake shooter that was over the top! But the real topper was discovering how to roll food inside a cucumber. It’s all in the cutting and likely to be my new obsession.

Saba in an Orange Bowl

Saba in an Orange Bowl

Cucumber Sake Rolls with Strawberries

Cucumber Sake Rolls with Strawberries

A Spilled Glass - The New Trend in Plating

A Spilled Glass - The New Trend in Plating

Here’s a video on how to make sushi.

These are the yummy sauces you can find in any Asian market. You could make them, but if you are like me you may not see yourself grilling eel bones.

Here’ are the sauces I just bought that I’m experimenting with now.

Ponzu (Citrus Soy Sauce)
Spicy Sauce
Tsume (Sweet Soy Sauce Glaze)
Unagi Sauce (Eel Sauce)
Ume Warishita (Pickled Plum Soy Sauce)

Ponzu (Citrus Soy Sauce)
Spicy Sauce
Tsume (Sweet Soy Sauce Glaze)
Unagi Sauce (Eel Sauce)
Ume Warishita (Pickled Plum Soy Sauce)