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What to Eat and Workout to Lose Weight

What to Eat and Workout to Lose WeightIf you are looking for a magic pill to lose weight, skip this video. There is no such thing, but there are a few concepts that can make a difference — all of which Diana shares with you. So, like the millions of people resolute to getting in shape for 2011, join the party.

Diana suggests, watching and then recruit a buddy to lose weight with you! That is a recipe for success!

28-Days of Rounding Down

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Ready, set, be less Round for the Holidays

BLOG_TV_WATCHING_FOODA gift to you from the Round Lady

Lose more weight than you gain during the holidays!

Get a Smaller Holiday Butt

Join others as they embark on this new Round Holiday Diet plan. You can do so by yourself, with a family member or your entire family, with a friend or a bunch of friends. At the end of the 28-days you will know how to eat healthier and how to keep your butt as small as you desire. You can also continue the diet by starting from the beginning and doing it all over again.

When: Now

What: A 28-day plan that is more than a diet, it’s a way to see food differently so that you eat differently and are inspired to treat your body and mind differently. It’s a well-Rounded, positive-thinking lifestyle that will make you look as good on the inside as on the outside.

Who: You if you want to be less Round for the holidays and stay less Round thereafter so you can be healthier than ever, inside and out.

How: Start with DAY 1, and for a great overview, also check out DAY 20.

color_TipsBefore you consider this diet, make sure you have your doctor’s blessing. Besides that, you might want to find a diet buddy to join you in this Round holiday slimming and shaping adventure. The more the merrier, especially during the holidays. Support is a good thing and is linked heavily to success in changing eating and living patterns.

Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared

Heathy Round Snacks

Healthy Round Snacks

Be Prepared to Change Your View of Food

For those of you starting the Round Diet, expect to change your view of food, even if you are an experienced dieter. Whatever your relationship with food, following this diet will help you choose healthy diet foods by their natural Round shape. As a Round Dieter, you will be able to recognize the Round nature of healthy diet food, so you can make better choices when shopping, dining out or cooking at home.

Be Prepared to Move Your Body More

You are going to want to move your body more than you move your mouth. Being more active is key to being less Round. Dieting sizes your body, then it takes exercise to change the shape of your body. Use this proven scientific method and your body will turn into art.

You will find that working out makes you want to eat better and eating better makes you want to workout. This circular combo is magic, and as close to a “magic pill” as anything that exists. Once you learn the simple principles of what is healthy Round food, you will find it harder to lie to yourself and overindulge in foods that are bad for you.

So get ready to be more active, more alive, and less bewildered about what you should and should not eat.

Instill the Round Diet No No’s

cherrystemalonecolorDiet pills & appetite suppressants: Toss any anti-magic pills you might have into the trash and never consider them again. They do not work long term and are bad for your vital organs.

Food in a box: Never eat food that came in a box. It contains food-like substances that do not grow on a tree, vine, or in the ground and may not actually be food at all.

White food: Do not eat white food, such as dairy, flour and sugar, with the exception of small amounts of Extra Round plain yogurt.

Alcohol: Avoid adult beverages, except for a glass of wine on a special occasion.

Mystery foods: If you do not know how a food was prepared, do not eat it.

Eating fast: Never chow down in less than 20 minutes. It takes that long for your brain to tell your body that you ate and feel satiated.

Negative voices: Know that you will succeed and do not listen to anybody who tells you otherwise–especially that little voice inside your own head.

Know Your Dieting Style

cherrystemalonecolorNeed-it-now Dieter: Your cravings control your diet. Avoid and remove temptations to minimize any impulsive gorging, and consider finding a diet buddy you can reach quickly.

Multi-tasking Dieter: You can down a bag of chips without even realizing it. Avoid eating when engaging in any another activity, control your portions, savor each bite and chew slowly.

Eat-to-feel-better Dieter: You eat when you feel bad, sad, glad or mad. Focus on your Diet Diary to help you understand your emotional over-eating patterns. Find a diet buddy you can call when anxious feelings threaten to send you to food for comfort.

Stick-to-it Dieter: You are self-motivated and find dieting an easy task. Follow the Round Diet directions and rejoice along the way.

Happy-go-lucky Dieter: You love yourself and enjoy eating no matter where you are. You can dine out, attend parties and celebrations–all while keeping to your dieting agenda. You might consider helping others by being their dieting buddy.

Eating Round One Step at a Time

Round food is everywhere!

Round food is everywhere!

Eating Round Starts with Shopping

The produce department and your local farmer’s market are lush resources for fresh Round fruits and vegetables. They are where you should get at least half the food you eat. Finding these foods is so easy a kindergartner could do it.

First Step

Follow the Round Rule
Next time you go shopping, only buy food that nature grew in a Round shape, like tomatoes and eggs, or food that can be sliced into circles from its natural grown shape like bananas and cucumbers.

You can follow the example below or buy other Round foods as long as you keep with the Round Rule.

Example of Round Food to Buy
Apples. oranges, blueberries, grapes, kiwis, melons, lettuce, bell peppers, onions, garlic, cabbage, mushrooms, a whole chicken, potatoes, nuts, eggs and a bottle of wine made from Round grapes.

When you get home, unpack it and take a look at how healthy, fresh and delicious it all looks.

Example of What to Prepare
Make a fruit salad, a dinner salad, roast vegetables and a chicken with garlic and mushrooms. Use any recipe you like, such as one online, but you can’t add any other ingredients except for olive oil, spice, herbs, plain yogurt and soy sauce.

Plate Round Food
Find your boldest plates and silverware and plate each dish with Roundness in mind…meaning slice the food so it maintains its Round shape like cutting cucumber into circles.

Eat Round Food
Serve to your family and friends. Decorate the table with fresh fruit like lemons and limes.

flower2Consider decorating with produce for a natural pop of color in any room, and don’t hold back by leaving out a vase of fresh flowers.