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Meet My Perfect Man

My Perfect ManHe’s Like a Dessert!

I discovered the perfect man! Although I’m not willing to share him, I can show you exactly how I got him and how you have have one just like him! And I’m not pimping him out or selling anything. Just sharing my good fortune!

RoundTV Roundlady VideoIn less than 2 minutes, you’ll see what I mean when you watch Meet My Perfect Man on RoundTV.

How I tried to Meet John Lennon

BeatlesPeace & Love For John

Back when the Beatles first came to the Bay Area in the early-mid 1960’s, I tried to meet them. Early on, I had a crush on Paul for his cuteness and an even bigger one on John for his lyrics.

I was 9-years old when a family friend, Kathy, and I devised a plan to meet the Fab Four inside the hotel we discovered they were staying.

We decided that we could pass ourselves off as an adult reporter if we dressed as a man in one of my dad’s suites. Kathy was a year older than me, so she wore the pants, while I put on the suit jacket and hat. I then sat on her shoulders, and when we looked in the mirror, we thought we looked like a full-grown man.

I was tiny for my age, but that did not stop me. We practiced being an adult man for hours. We stood and spoke in front of a mirror, pretending we were a reporter. Being the top portion of the disguise, I got the speaking part and did my best to say, “I’m a reporter from the Palo Alto Recorder.” But no matter how hard I tried, I kept saying, “I’m a recorder from the Palo Alto Reporter.” I thought that was our biggest hurdle.

So the day came. Kathy and I packed our suit halves and set out to walk the 5-mile stretch to the hotel. Along the way we saw the helicopter flying above transporting the boys, urging us to walk faster.

A 5-mile walk carrying a suite and lunches turned into a long trek. About a mile or so before we neared the hotel, we realized it was going to get dark, we were tired, and hungry. I’m not sure who made the decision, but we ended up turning around and aborting out meet and greet. But, that sparked a life-long love of all things Beatles.

Now it’s 30 years since John’s death, a day I will always remember as one of those moments I could not perceive as true. His writing and voice and independent way of living was, and still is, embedded in my psyche. He taught me to be who I am, to write my way, to love myself, and make the most out of this short life.

In the words of John…

“I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak. So I’ve been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I’m one of those people.”

I miss you John, and so does the 9-year old me standing tall as the Recorder from the Palo Alto Reporter.

My Secret Messy Bodybuilding Diet Trick

Bodybuilding hunger is a messy thing

See Diana’s messy, cream-filled, hilarious trick that she used on those extra hungry days to keep from going off her bodybuilding diet before a competition.

Diet Rules VideoWatch My Secret Messy Bodybuilding Diet Trick.

Easy Breezy JumpSport Assembly

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline AssemblyNew on RoundTV

Diana shows you how to assemble a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, also knows as her favorite jumping apparatus.

So if you plan to buy one or just wonder if you can assemble one by yourself, watch Diana who rarely assembles anything.

Diet Rules VideoWatch: Easy Breezy JumpSport Assembly

LOVE: Do's & Dont's

Love on RoundTV!

In this video, Diana shares some relationship and love advice. Some of this advice is old, some is new, but all of it is true. The ball is in your court on what you want to do.

love can be Simple

These do’s and don’ts may seem simple, and many of them are. The trick is to actually do them., at the very least think about them and let them seep into your brain.

Watch LOVE: Do’s & Don’ts.

Styling Shopping Bag Haul

re-usable bag haulNo More Plastic Bags!

A haul of shopping bags is almost redundant. Re-using bags may even seem repetitive. But when a plastic bag takes 450 years to biodegrade, why litter the earth with 10 billion of them–over and over and over?

An average person will use over 350 bags in a single year! Reusable bags save trees, water, gas, and oil. They help air pollution, our oceans, and sea creatures.

Make an Environmental Fashion Statement

Now that there is a plethora of fashionable bags small and large, it’s the perfect time to collect ones that add to your wardrobe, can be kept in your car, purse or pocket. Sporting re-usable bags at the checkout line tells the Earth that you are taking action against non-bio-degradable, energy-consuming, litter-producing, petroleum-based plastic bags–and looking good doing it.

For ideas, watch Diana’s Styling Shopping Bag Haul.


I love this sandwich!

It’s a sandwich fit for anyone who is really hungry for something delicious, healthy and big.

Build One In Minutes!

boyfriend sandwichTo make this mondo man sandwich, just follow the instructions in the video and use the ingredients listed below.

Stack it high and enjoy this yummy, flavorful, easy to make, over-sized hungry man, hungry person sandwich!

RoundTV VideoWatch and build your own BOYFRIEND SANDWICH: Bagel Yumminess


  • 1 whole wheat bagel
  • 6 to 10 pieces thinly sliced ham
  • 2 to 5 slices Muenster cheese
  • 2 to 5 slices tomato
  • 6 to 8 slices cucumber
  • 2 ounces plain cream cheese
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon chopped green onions
  • 1 teaspoon diced red onion
  • chopped cilantro
  • Garnish with fresh cherries

Voted the Best Burger 2010

5 Guys BurgerZagat says

Try a FIVE GUYS Burger if you want to eat the Best Burger in the U.S. says the according to the 2010 Zagat fast-food survey. Their fries came in second, behind McDonald’s.

If you live near a Five Guys, you can order a Burger Online and even get it delivered.

A Simple Menu

five guys menuFive Guy Burgers has stores mostly along the East Coast and Midwest. These tasty Round burger have won numerous awards, including “Number One Burger” from the Washingtonian Magazine, and “Best Hamburger” from The Pitt News.

Hamburgers are Round, but they do not grow on a tree, on a vine or in the ground. They are in the Shaped category of Round foods, which means you can eat them once in a while. Get the skinny on the Round Code.

Visit RoundTV for a variety of healthy eating, getting in shape and other entertaining videos!

SKATING: Don't Fall in the Pool

Skating Around the Pool New Video on RoundTV

In this video, I get to team up with my long ago skating partner, Dave, who I’ve barely skated with for years. I had a great time making this, which is likely to spawn more videos of this nature.

You’ll get a taste of Dave and I skating around the pool, and you’ll see Dave’s own “Box Step” and “Flat Foot Spin”, in addition to a smattering of pool surprises.

Don't Fall in the PoolRoller skating is a very Round exercise or sport. The wheels are Round, spinning is Round, in a rink you skate in a circle, and it gets your circulation circulating Round and Round.

Watch SKATING: Don’t Fall in the Pool.


Dress Her Up!

New on RoundTV!

Whether you have an iPad or wonder why my iPad is a girl, this video will show you a few ways to dress up, protect and carry this magical device.

If you are not an early adopter of any brand of eBook– no worries–devices like the iPad will soon be as everyday as has the cell phone.