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Bounce Your Way to a Younger Body

New Body for Sale – Not!

I wish I could tell you that you could get a new body when this one wears out. The next best thing is to take care of the one you’ve got! In this video, see how I bounce to look and feel years younger than I really am…and learn about 3 different bounces you can do!

Best Healthiest Food Ever

A Round Way to Gather food

Another day and another trip to the local produce store with Tommy Girl–my furry Greyhound friend. Out in the world, we gathered a backpack full of fresh Round food and got exercise and a happy dog all at the same time.

Hearty, Homey and Healthy

Corn on the cob, Lima beans with red peppers, shrimp with green onions and basil, purple baby potatoes with garlic,  basil and “I Can’t believe It’s Not Butter,” and a salad mixed with radicchio–topped with my popular–according to viewers–Easy Delicious Everybody Loves Salad Dressing.

Easy Delicious Desert

On your mark, get ready, dice one Manilla mango, one red Pluot and place in a bowl. Pour in one shot of Grand Marnier. Let chill for at least one hour.

Serve in a pretty bowl or glass so you can slurp the juice at the end–and do the extra touch with a fresh garnish of mint leaves.

Shop Along and Eat Like Me

In this Video, you’ll follow me and my Greyhound on a healthy hunting, gathering and eating adventure to my favorite produce place–and beyond.

KB Fitness a Jumping Place

The KB Fitness Grand Opening was a smash with Zumba, UJAM, martial arts, yoga, Pilates and trampoline classes!

Located in San Jose, California, and stacked with JumpSport trampolines, it’s cleat that the wave of the fitness future will look a lot like KB Fitness!

Picture Yourself on YouTube

Google Doodle Screams Ice Cream Sundae

Google Doodle Ice Cream SundaeYummeeeeeeee!

Even Google is saying Happy 119th anniversary to the world-famous dessert known as the ice cream sundae, invented in 1892 by New York soda fountain proprietor Chester Platt.

The story goes that one Sunday, Chester took plain ice-cream and covered it in cherry sauce –and named it a Cherry Sunday.

Google making us hungry for their  new os

Jumping on the sundae bandwagon, Google turned its famous two O’s in its logo into a yummy sundae. This instantly sparked rumors that this Google Doodle is a first announcement about their new Ice Cream OS.

For those craving other Google products and something sweet, well, there’s even an Android Ice Cream that will fuse elements of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Android 3.0 and Google TV.

These tasty OS treats just might take a bite out of Apple’s iPad consumption. Let the food device wars begin!

My iPad2 Has Tiger Blood

For Charlie & Steve

Celebrate Survivor Day with Me!

Hot Round Tomato News

If Annette Bening wins an Oscar, will she have heirloom tomatoes to thank?

Oscar Worthy Tomato Scene

Annette Bening, Oscar nominee for “The Kids Are All Right,” may need to thank the “Round” tomato if she wins.

This tomato nod can be traced back to Annette’s stand out dinner scene with friends, where tipsy from wine, her character, Nic, blurts out, “If I hear one more person say how much they love heirloom tomatoes, I’m going to punch them right in the face.”

Tomato lovers will have to wait until February 27th to find out how the tomato fares at the Oscars!

Rotten Tomatoes
Wonder which of the year’s best films were honored? Which were slighted or snubbed? Check out the Rotten Tomatoes 3rd Academy Awards Oscar Nominations Awards Tour!

SuperBowl, Salsa & Tomatoes

TomatoSuper Bowl Sunday outpaces all others for salsa consumption. But the tomato market overall has shrunk in the past few years, even with the widespread consumption of pasta, pizza, ketchup, soup and other products. The result, lots and lots of extra tomatoes feeling homeless.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American ate 21.5 pounds of canned tomatoes in 1970 and 25.6 pounds in 2005, but the figure slipped to 23.3 pounds in 2008. But that has changed, and tomato farmers want to change that.

The tomato powers that be are on the path to turn around our failing tomato views like catchup on fries, so expect to see hot new tomato promotional information coming at you during 2011 touting the health benefits of canned tomatoes along with their taste and convenience.

Technology For A Rounder Business

Why is this a Round Topic?

Technology helps us live a Rounder life, especially when we use the plethora of new tools coming at us from the internet to apps to smart mobile devices to programs on our computer to the clouds we will all soon grow to love.

Business guru Carol Roth, asked Diana to contribute to her latest article, The 85 Best Technology Solutions to Help Your Business. Diana is number 55, on this helpful list to make your lives easier using technology.

What To Expect in 2011

What to Expect in 2011This is the year Roundorama and RoundTV branch out and reach out!

New Step-by-step healthy Eating Videos

Diana will have a new series that will make you feel as if you have a diet buddy there with you. She will step you through the Round way of eating and exercising for anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain, or just eat healthier in an easier and more fun way.

More Fitness Rebounder Routines

As a Fitness Trampolines jumping enthusiast, Diana will be partnering with other like minded jumpers to show you more exercises you can do on your own trampoline.

Live and Online & in person Q & A

If you have questions for Diana and want to speak with her, but you don’t live in California, you will have a chance to see and chat with her live online. Also keep your eye out for personal appearances outside of California. Stay tuned for details.

Grooving With AliciaNew Events

Expect to see and hear Diana on the radio (such as Grooving with Alicia), in magazines, and at in-person events (local and not so local). You can get all the details as they occur right here or on Twitter, as well as RoundTV.

Guest Speaker

As a speaker on healthy eating and fitness, Diana will be holding speaking engagements to meet her viewers and answer their questions in person. Stay tuned to meet Diana!

If you would like Diana to speak for an event, at your company , a school or other entity, email Diana at

Also, expect some surprises and more details on that as 2011 unfolds. And be sure to visit Roundorama often!