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Jumping For Fitness

Round Out Your Fitness with Jumping

Not only are rebounders and fitness trampolines Round in shape, they are one of the most fun ways to create healthiness within your body.  And fun is important when it comes to choosing an exercise that you will actually adopt and do on a regular basis. If you don’t enjoy an exercise, you will not do it. Not often enough. Just a fact folks!

Jumping for 20 minutes is like running for an hour, but without the stress on your joints, the extra effort of dressing in outdoor clothes, or having to drive anywhere to get your workout.

What’s so healthy about jumping?

Jumping will tone your body inside and out. Your internal organs, lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, along with every muscle and bone in your body will become more fit. Until science figures out how to transport our brains into a new body, following a regular jumping routine will keep the body you now own in tip top shape.

What to Expect

After jumping consistently over at least a 2-week period, you are likely to find that you can work longer, sleep more soundly, and be more relaxed and calm. Your body will be tighter, your jeans looser, and you might find yourself Instagramming a shot of your fit butt on Facebook. This is where you will need to possess some self-control, or not.

When you step off the mat after jumping for at least 15 minutes, you will feel energy running through your body, you’ll be unstoppable as you take on the day, and that feeling will last for hours. For that reason, jumping in the morning is ideal so your day starts with a healthy bang.

Jumping is easy

The hardest part of jumping is making the decision to get a trampoline. Once you get your new little Round friend into your house, the possibilities are endless. just make sure you get a trampoline with bungee-like cords! No metal springs or you might as well be jogging on cement!

The Round lady’s favorite is the JumpSport!

Bump Up Your Fitness


You can bump up your fitness by adding 5 minutes to whatever exercise you do, such as when you are running, cycling, swimming, rebounding or weight lifting. And then you can bump it up some more with another 5 or 10 minutes, topped with some intensity.

Top it with Intensity

There are many ways to add intensity to your workout, and they all require your full attention. This means forgetting about chatting, ogling or moving like an aimless sloth. When intensifying any workout, you’ll need to be well rested, well fed and ready to go for it.

To add intensity to your workouts:

  • Start with aerobic exercise followed by weights without resting.
  • Focus on the muscle(s) you are working or exercise you are doing.
  • Switch from one exercise to another without resting
  • Superset 2 to 3 weight training exercises back-to-back.
  • Push yourself during the last minutes of any exercise.

Do dumbbell curls for your biceps using lighter weights than you usually lift. Look directly at yourself in the mirror, concentrate on your biceps as you curl each dumbbell. The rest of the world does not exist. Forget about the number of repetitions and concentrate on form. Do rep after rep until  it burns, then lift each side 5 more times. Take a 30 second break and start all over again.

Interval mash up

If you love your treadmill or other cardio machine, shaking things up with some interval training can bump up your workout. In a nutshell, interval training is a combination of alternating short, intense spurts of exercise with moments of resty. Interval training is chock-full of different aerobic exercises that keep your heart rate up for a period of time. The speeding up and slowing down of interval training turns your body into a stress-handling machine, both mentally and physically.

Make sure you eat before you workout, especially when adding intensity to your routine. You don’t want to fizzle out in the middle of any exercise, and you’ll need ample fuel to get you through an effectively intense workout. Prior to working out, eat something hearty like oatmeal, a whole banana, and half a cup of coffee.

Newbies and in-a-rutties Can Do It

If you are a workout newbie or have been in an exercise rut, it might be time for you to mix it up. If you’ve never hired a personal trainer, you might find it helpful to learn correct form and a routine that is best for your body. Ask the trainer to create a routine for you and make sure you write it down. Once you’ve followed the routine a few times, it will be like second nature.

Workout Buddy Time

You can also enhance the probability that you’ll keep working out if you have a workout buddy. This can be a friend or somebody you click with at the gym. Your buddy will help motivate you to get into the gym, and you’ll do the same for them. And when you both get into better shape, you can also celebrate together when you reach your goal.

Just go for it. Start small. Mix it up. Workout with a friend. Add new exercises. Rest less between sets. Add intensity to your workouts. Find a friend or start by yourself–and start now!  The sooner you start the sooner you’ll feel more fit!

Jumping Secrets for Bouncing Success

20 Reasons To Rebound or Jump on a Trampoline

Fitness TrampolineIn a nutshell, rebounding or fitness trampolining is known as possibly the most effective exercise yet devised by humans. Or in Sheen verbiage–Winning! Duh!

You may find that you no longer have much to complain about. You’ll want to get up and go, and you’ll have stamina. But most of all, you’ll need great lipstick since you’ll be smiling a whole lot more.

The Jumping Twenty!

  1. It stimulates your metabolism to minimize your chances of obesity.
  2. It tones up your thyroid to increase its output — you need this for energy and weight control.
  3. It improves coordination throughout the body, so you will be less likely to fall and break something.
  4. It promotes increased muscle fiber tone, and that gives you a a more tighter, more toned body.
  5. It subjects your body to gravitational pulls ranging from zero at the top of each bounce to 2 – 3 times the force of gravity at the bottom, depending on how high the person is rebounding.
  6. It increases your capacity for breathing, something that you need to do all day, everyday.
  7. It circulates more oxygen to the tissues, which keeps you feeling healthy and strong.
  8. It helps combat depression, so that you can avoid taking all those pills.
  9. It helps normalize your blood pressure, so that you can avoid yet more pills.
  10. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease, which means you are likely to live a longer life.
  11. It increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells, all to keep you strong, vibrant and rosy-cheeked.
  12. It aids lymphatic circulation and blood flow through your circulatory system, which strengthens your immune system.
  13. It lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and this will make your doctor happy.
  14. It offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise — so expect to have less to complain about.
  15. It enhances digestion and elimination processes, and we all like that combination.
  16. It allows for easier relaxation and sleep, so you can wake up and feel relaxed, rested and ready to jump and bounce all over again.
  17. It results in a better mental abilities, with sharper learning processes so you can try out for Jeopardy.
  18. It relieves fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women, and that is a super huge relief for all.
  19. It minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems.
  20. It tends to slow down aging — need I say more!!!

Calories Burned By Jumping on a Rebounder or Fitness Trampoline

Jump 20 minutes in the morning & 20 minutes at night

Rebounding and fitness trampoline is more than just jumping around. It is a fun way to burn body fat, while simultaneously firming your body — right down to every muscle and cell. According to your body weight, the table below shows you how many calories, when running or doing moderate, yet nonstop, jumping and bounding on the rebounder, can be burned for a specified amount of time.

For the Whole Sha-bang!

Mix Round exercises like rebounding or fitness trampolining with eating in a healthy Round way, and you’ll be rewarded with a more or even more toned, slim and sexy body that everyone deserves.

Rebounding vs. Jogging

By jumping on a well-made rebounder, you will feel invigorated and filled with a sense of well-being. This means that you might want to adjust your daily plans as you enjoy how rebounding makes it easier for you to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous.

You will also need to grow accustomed to living in a tighter body, because the action of bouncing up and down against gravity, without trauma to the musculoskeletal system, is one of the most beneficial aerobic, fat-burning, muscle-tightening, immune-enhancing, full body exercises ever developed.

Two Weeks to a Tighter Body

Fun way to quickly tighten up with a healthy habit! Learn more.

What It Takes to Burn Off a Cinnamon Bun

Need I say more?

Exercise Equivalents

Burning off a hefty, sugar-filled, high-glycemic, mega-carbohydrate load of a breakfast treat is not the simple chore that one might dream about. If cinnamon buns have control over your brain, try cinnamon rice crackers for a less fattening, yet delicious snack. And then walk, bike, or run anyway!

Burn 200 Calories 10 Round Ways

Sweaty Activities

Sweaty aerobic Roundercises help you burn calories. And since it’s always easier to get off your butt and exercise when you know you’re going to burn 200 calories, here’s how long it would take for your basic 130 pound man or woman to burn 200 calories.

But first, consult your doctor before trying any of these activities. Side affects may cause you to feel more energetic, with less fat clinging to the inside of your body or jiggling on the outside. You are likely to live longer, so you may need to plan your retirement accordingly.

Ten Sweaty roundercises

Also Sweaty

Roller-skating, hula hooping, exercising on a fitness ball, dancing, playing any game with a ball like basketball, bowling, or golf, rock climbing, running, gymnastics, Tae Bo, and rolling in the hay.

Jenny Prepares for a Figure Competition

Figure CompetitionJenny’s First Competition

My niece, Jenny, is following in my bodybuilding footsteps, only in a more modern online documenting way.

Now you can follow her every step as her contest date closes in on the last 4 weeks. How can you follow her? Glad you asked!

Jenny’s Blog

Jenny’s Figure Mommy Blog:

UnRound Your Belly!

Round is a shapebe less Round To Stick Around

The powers behind medical studies discovered that where your body stores extra fat can add to your risk of health problems. Turns out that belly fat is the most dangerous, while hip, thigh and butt fat are a safer place to gain fat.

For men, a rotund waist greater than 40 inches, and 35 inches for women has been linked to more serious illnesses, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and out of whack cholesterol.

Get rid of belly fatTo unRound your belly, you must do cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, jumping on a rebounder or fitness trampolining, swimming, hula hooping, jump roping, hiking, aerobics, skating, and bicycling. Anything that gets your blood pumping for at least 12 minutes (30 to 45 minutes preferred) will help your body burn off stored fat in the belly area and other hard to de-fat areas. If you can only do 12 minutes, know that it is accumulative–it all adds up throughout the day.

Besides upping your activity level, it is important to combine the effort with healthy, reduced calorie eating. Choose Round fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Eat 3 medium meals and 2 to 3 snacks in-between to stave off that crazy hunger that may occur. Avoid fat-laden, fried, and sugary foods. Also, the imbibing of excess alcohol is linked to belly fat, so drink no more than a glass of wine a day or none at all. Avoid hard liqueur and beer–sorry folks.

Topping off the belly fat enhancers is stress, so if you’re in a constant state of stressfulness, learn to practice relaxation techniques and other stress-management skills, such as yoga, a breathe break, and even taking a bubble bath or getting a massage.

So take your life in your hands and get your belly down to size, even flat. Watch RoundTV for inspiration, get a friend or family member to join you in your quest, and start today so you will be that much closer to a healthy waistline!