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New Round Apple Campus

New Apple CampusA Round FUTURE

From the mind of Steve Jobs comes a circular campus fit for the future, with the construction set to start in 2012 and ready to buzz with workers by 2015.

This spaceship-like sphere of a building is slated to house up to 12,000 Apple worker bees—over 4 times the number now occupying Apple’s current campus at 1 Infinite Loop. The new circular campus will combine the company’s other 6,700 workers, who are currently spread out in Cupertino, together with the rest of the fruity company.

Sprinkled throughout the current Apple campuses are baskets of free Macintosh apples, also known for keeping doctors away.  Another healthy perk Apple workers enjoy is eating at the variety-filled, multi-cuisined Cafe Mac.

Steve Jobs Curvy Words

“There’s not a single straight piece of glass in this building,” Jobs says. Parking will be housed underground so as not to detract from the new campus’s futuristic design. The building will also sport a natural gas-powered energy center as its main power source (though it can still feed off of the grid as a backup).”

Let’s all hope Jobs is eating his own apples so he can stay healthy while he changes the world in his own Round way!

Get More Sleep, Lose Weight

Recents studies show that if you are looking to shed extra pounds, you should find ways to be keep stress at a minimum, be happier and get more sleep. Turns out that not doing all those things can hinder weight loss even when cutting back on calories.

How much sleep is enough?

The goal is to get enough sleep to feel refreshed in the morning and stay awake and alert throughout the day. Most people should aim for around seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night.

plumFor the whole healthy picture, you must eat well, be active, not smoke, sleep enough, control stress, find happiness in your everyday, be positive and believe that you can change the health of your body.

Recent Sleep Studies say

Researchers speculate that if you are sleeping less or more than recommended and if your stress levels are high, you will not be able to focus on making behavioral changes.

Here’s some findings that came out of recent studies:

  • 51% of people in Wales get six or fewer hours sleep a night.
  • 15% of couples roll together because of a dip in their bed.
  • 64% report waking with neck and back ache.
  • Beds deteriorate as much as 70% over 10 years, according to industry research.
  • Tiredness affects our physical and emotional health.
  • Humans evolved to do certain things at certain times of day.
  • Snoring, which can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, affects 4% of people.
  • Sleepers pass through five stages: one, two, three and four and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep several times a night.
  • The last two stages are the deepest sleep which those with obstructive sleep apnoea may never get. Not getting them can make you feel constantly tired.

The New Equation

In other words! Relax! Be happy! Get sleep! Eat healthy! Exercise! Lose weight!

My Stupid Secret Drinking Problem

My Stupid Secret Drinking ProblemWatch The Round Lady’s Drinking Problem!

Then get inspired to take even better care of your body through food, fitness and fun!

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Feb. 17, 2011, join Diana and Kathy from KB Fitness at the That’s So Cute Affordable Boutique and try our favorite Fitness Trampoline.

It’s Round, It’s Rare, It’s A Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2010A Full Round moon

Depending on your location, late December 20 or early morning December 21, the full moon will be darkened by Earth’s shadow as the our planet passes between it and the sun.

This spectacle will be visible across North and South America, northern and western Europe, and a small part of northeast Asia, including Korea and most of Japan. Up to a 1.5 billion people will watching this extravaganza in the sky!

NASA reports that this is the first time an eclipse has coincided with a solstice since December 21, 1638, with the next one visiting us again around 2094. So set your clocks for this once in a lifetime show as the moon enters Earth’s dark inner shadow, around 1:33 AM EST.

For a clear view of any lunar eclipse, look though binoculars or a telescope. A moon eclipse is safe to watch, unlike a solar eclipse, which can cause eye damage when not protected. For an expert view, check out NASA’s streaming live video footage of this glowing spectacle.

Find Your Cornfield

Fiand Your CornfieldNew on RoundTV

In this off the beat and path video, Diana takes you to a farm to help motivate you to try something new, if you are feeling stuck or lost. After watching, odds are you’ll want to get out and do the things you always wanted to do!

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Diet Rules VideoWatch Find Your Cornfield!

get out and do the things you always wanted to do

'It Gets Better' Video

Watch Now: IT GETS BETTER: Hold On!

Although Diana is not gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender, in this video, she talks about how she was bullied to support the Trevor Project, a non-profit group dedicated to helping youths who are wrestling with their sexuality, and urging bullies to stop victimizing their LGBT peers.


Reach Any GoalNew On ROundTV!

So you wonder why the great ideas that fill the crevasses of your brain just sit there gathering moss. It puzzles you how anyone can find the time to write a book, get in shape for a marathon or reach any other goal they set for themselves.

One Trick For You

In less than 2 minutes, learn the trick Diana used to write her book!

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