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Whether you are Tivo-ing, Netflxing, cable-TVing, stellite dishing or watching YouTube, unRound your couch potato habits by snacking on:

  • Dried pears, mangoes, kiwis, and raisins
  • Fresh fruits like sliced pluots with chilled globe grapes

Don’t pig out and eat handfuls of these healthy fiber-filled snacks. Remember your portions! A handful of dried fruit is like several jumbo handfuls of fresh fruit.  Eat slowly, put snacks in a tray or pretty dish. Enjoy thoroughly!

Nothing like a good show and a tray of healthy snacks!

Favorite Healthy Food

eat with your hands

You don’t need to go to the Renaissance Faire to enjoy this delicious, high-protein meal. Diana cooks up a little energy in the kitchen with one of her favorite healthy foods to eat.

This special turkey is worthy of eating after a workout, on a  messy date, when home alone or at work for lunch. It’s a great food to eat after a workout to help feed, build and tone your muscles. You’ll stand up straighter, smile harder and most likely you’ll want to eat this again and again.

Recipes Below: For side dishes on Diana’s plate.

Heads Up: Pair this turkey with small red, purple and yellow (Yukon) potatoes.
Recipe: Brush potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle with any seasoning, such as garlic salt. Bake in oven with Turkey for 20 minutes or until a fork pokes easily through it.

Double Heads Up: Round out this meal with a salad.
Recipe: Add to a big bowl, assorted lettuces (such as a spring mix), sliced radicchio, diced tomatoes, slivered avocados and drizzle with  All-a’Round Salad Dressing.

All-a’Round Salad Dressing: Make this your go-to salad dressing.
Recipe: In a high bowl, add 1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard, 2 finely chopped basil leaves. Whisk together as you slowly pour in 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Devilishly Delicious Eggs

Boil, mix, stuff and serve!

Anyone can make these healthy, delicious, protein-packed deviled eggs!  See how easy it is whip up a deviled egg, and learn how to remove shells from a boiled egg without destroying its beautiful curvy roundness.

Deviled Eggs


12 hard boiled eggs
1/8 cup low fat mayonnaise
1/8 cup 0% or 2% plain Greek yogurt
1 tspn Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste


Shell hard boiled eggs. Pop yolks out and into a mixing bowl. cut whites in half long-wise. Mix the yolks, mayo, yogurt and mustard together. Stuff the empty whites with a spoonful of the mixture. To create different flavors to your eggs, try adding any of the below spices, herbs or flavors into the egg mixture or use as a garnish.

  • Green or red Tabasco sauce
  • Fresh herbs like basil or cilantro
  • Fancy or plain mustard
  • Smoked salmon or crab meat
  • Chopped green or red Onions
  • Diced sun-dried or fresh seeded tomatoes
  • Spices like curry, paprika, cayenne pepper, or red pepper flakes

African Mango Diet

African mango dietScam or real

People are asking if the new exotic African Mango Diet is a scam or real. And yes, it’s true that mangoes are a super healthy Round fruit, and that is flattering—but remember all the hoopla about acai berries and green tea extract–promising, on their own, to strip fat off your body at inhuman rates. Did those work? Duh–no! Did they empty your wallet–duh-yes!

There are many sites devoted to the African Mango Diet, but do not fall in the trap. There is no scientific backing, you will not lose weight but you will be a guinea pig who helps add to the bank account by taking money out of yours. If you visit a site that sells  African Mango Diet pills, do not click away as fast as you can.

Mangoes are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and are known to fight many cancers. They are sweet, delicious and able to turn a drink or fruity dessert into a tropical masterpiece. So, eat mangoes, from any part of the planet, for flavor and overall healthiness.

Magical Trap

It’s so easy to fall for the magic pill, fruit or extract that show before and after photos able to fit into jeans 50% tinier. Enticing you further, these scams often scoff at the need for willpower, exercise or change in unhealthy eating habits. It’s easy to want to be able to pill or two, drink a concoction and poof–your fat butt is now the size of two apples. That will work–not!

Snake Oil for sale

These diet snake oil salespeople continue to prey upon those who want to be swimsuit ready–NOW. This endless story goes on and on no matter how many people are sucked down the fairy tale diet path still wearing fat pants at the end of the road.

The Truth Diet

There are only two ways to lose weight for the long haul. Nothing’s changed. It’s simple math. Add consistent exercise to healthy eating and you will get a factor of leanness. In other words, sweating more plus eating less equals lower numbers on the scale.

Add it up yourself.  Accept the truth. Then move your body more than you move your mouth. And that folks is as true as any magic pill gets!

A Toasty New Trend

A Square Trend

Toast just may be the hot new trend in a world of food fads–and grains win!

Turns out that Americans from across the states prefer whole grain bread as their top choice over white, nut, cinnamon and seeded breads when making their beloved morning toast.

Crunchy is in & Soft is Out

  • 76 percent of Americans enjoy their toast a bit crunchy and golden brown
  • 13 percent love their toast slightly soft and barely browned
  • 11 percent leave their toast  in the toaster until it becomes crunchy and dark brown

Toast may not be Round, but it is super versatile. Toast is delicious with butter, peanut butter, jelly, peanut butter & jelly, cream cheese, eggs any which way, cinnamon and sugar, melted cheese, dipped in soup–and sweet specialties like French toast or jammed up English muffins on a lazy Sunday–or toast with green eggs and ham.

17 Day Diet, Yes or No?

What is the Plan?

The 17 Day Diet was devised by Dr. Mike Moreno, a family practice physician in California. With the help of daytime TV, it has become the hot new diet of the day.

More than 17 Days

Days 1 – 17: The Accelerate Phase
Eat a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet–about 200 calories.  Consume unlimited lean meat and no-starch vegetables, two fat-free plain yogurts and two low-sugar fruits, a bit of oil, green tea, and 64 ounces of water each day.

Days 18 – 34: The Activate Phase
Calorie cycle by rotating low to high calories over several days.  The idea is to trick your metabolism so it does not store fat for an oncoming famine. Enjoy two extra portions of whole grains for about 1500 calories a day.

Days 35 – 51: The Achieve Phase
Learn good eating habits that last a lifetime.  This is similar to the Activate Phase except that lean meat is no longer unlimited, you’ll eat more grains and fruit, along with the option of one alcoholic beverage and a 100-calorie snack.

Day 52: The Arrive Phase
This lands you on a lifelong eating plan, where you cycle endlessly between the first 3 phases, along with a weekend splurge. The only rules here are no binging, plus returning to the Activate phase if you gain more than 5 pounds .

What’s missing?

The first phase is lacking in calories and fiber.  Those with type 1 diabetics, or teens, pregnant or lactating women, and sick people–need not apply. And you’ll need to supplement with a multivitamin-mineral during the first 2 phases.

Is calorie cycling valid?

Science does not backup calorie cycling. In addition, there is no focus on learning lifestyle changes for a lifetime of weight control. If you want to stay lean, you’ll need to find another way to change your not-so-healthy eating ways.

So can you trick you metabolism?

Well, foods that can boost metabolism such as hot red peppers (capsaicin), grapefruit, green tea, coffee and other caffeinated foods, or water offer minimal results. As a placebo effect it may work, for a while–so heads up on that trick.

What about weekend splurging?

Moderation baby! Splurging like a starving animal with unbridled abandon is not a healthy way to go. Eating one portion-sized item you crave is as far as one should go, that is if health and longevity is the goal. The idea of any healthy diet is to desire to eat healthy, rather than denying yourself bad food. This takes time–more than 17-days.

Novelty of a new diet

It’s always fun to try something new, lose some weight and feel the promise of losing pounds forever. When reality sinks in so will your appetite for the same fatty, salty food, sugar-filled treats you may have consumed that got you fat in the first place.

No math invovled!

Learn to eat healthy foods in moderate portions such as the size of the palm of your hand, and get your butt and other body parts moving–consistently.  There is not much math involved with that!

Healthy portioned food + regular activity = a long lasting fit body

And know that you never need to spend a ton of money on strange diet concoctions or pills to lose weight!

So Yes or No?

As with all diets, restricting your food intake will naturally slim you down. So if following this low cal, calorie-cycling, body-confusing diet sound like a thrill for you, then go for it. But if you’ve been on upteen diets without long lasting success, then consider asking yourself why!

Of course, what you cram into your mouth and how you treat your body is up to you! And that is the beauty of being human!

Sexiest Chef Alive!

Hot Aussie Curtis Stone

The winner is the fresh-faced Curtis Stone, the Australian Chef, classically trained in London under the legendary Marco Pierre White.

A New Face in the Kitchen

Curtis leads the pack of hot new chefs cooking and authoring mouth-watering books for foodies around the world.

Curtis is rapidly becoming a global household name with his  cooking/lifestyle program, ‘Surfing the Menu’, and his reality/cooking show titled, ‘Take Home Chef’. Adding to all that, Curtis can be seen popping up on more and more culinary shows!

Doubley Sexy!

Not only is he the sexiest chef alive, he was recently voted by People Magazine as one of the sexiest men alive.

As Curtis Says

“The key to great cuisine starts with great ingredients and that’s why I’m always interested in how ingredients are sourced and produced. My favourites are organic and natural foods – preservative and chemical free. You often hear people say, “Tomatoes just don’t taste like they used to.” Well, the fact is, they don’t taste like they used to because they’re not grown like they used to. I recommend that we always try to buy fresh, seasonal produce.”

Now that’s hot!

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4 Ways to Turn Dinner into a Buffet Your Family Will Love

It’s all About Choices…AND FUN MAKING THEM

Turning dinner into a buffet makes eating more entertaining and fun, while also providing choices for any picky eater in your family–young and not so young.

  1. Create a burrito or fajita bar. Fill bowls with cooked, shredded chicken, steamed vegetables, refried beans, low-fat shredded cheese, brown rice, salsa, avocado slices or guacamole, and set out tortilla shells. Let your family, any age, walk around and create their own custom-made burrito.
  2. Stuff baked potatoes. Bake potatoes, slice down the middle,  and set out on a platter. Fill bowls with a variety of toppings, such as low-fat shredded cheeses, corn, chopped mushrooms and onions, broccoli, cooked or raw spinach, salsa, and low-fat sour cream.
  3. Make your own pizzas. Set out one to two small pizza crusts per person, shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese, and pasta sauce. Fill bowls with different toppings, such as chopped ham, corn, diced pineapple, fresh garlic, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, other diced vegetables or meats. Then let each family member  assemble their own pizza.
  4. Serve up stir-fry. Cook up a heaping bowl of brown rice and fill bowls with a range of cooked vegetables, diced chicken, beef, or tofu. Let your family choose their stir-fry ingredients they want to add to  the rice.